Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weekend Recap (that's ridiculously late)

So, I realize that I'm writing about our weekend on you know, Wednesday of the following week. We had Monday off and I started writing the post, but unfortunately I fell asleep. Then Tuesday, on my way to drop Ellie off at daycare, she got sick all over herself and the car seat and I spent any free time that day nursing her and cleaning her car seat off. By the way, it still smells and I've been googling how to get vomit scent from fabric. Super fun stuff going on over here folks! Anyways, I hope you enjoy our recap.

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This last weekend we had so much fun! Saturday was our first night away from Ellie (she slept over with her cousin at Nana and Papa's). Matt and I went on a triple date out to Texas Roadhouse and then out for some frozen yogurt afterwards. We all talked and talked and talked for hours. It was so nice (and weird) to be out with adults and not rush home to Ellie. Usually on our date nights, we rush home because we miss her and want to see her.  Dinner and a movie? We usually just make it to one. We're totally those parents, which I'm ok with.

Then, in the morning we stayed in bed extra long since there was no one wanting milk and repeating "Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom. Mine, mine, mine, miiiiiiiiiiiine". Matt and I didn't know what to do with ourselves. We tried to think about what we would do if we didn't have Ellie or remember what we did before her and we drew a blank. All we realized was how bored we would be without her and how much more money we would have. She's totally made us awesome.

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We were reunited Sunday for some football and I couldn't stop staring at her. She was gone one night and returned back to me older and bigger. What the heck. She was huge and seemed heavier than when we dropped her off! Thankfully, the weather was gorgeous and we snacked and watched the game on the back patio and that was enough to distract me. It was so nice to be outside and catch up with family. On our drive home, Ellie passed out. We had to make a quick run to Target and she slept on me the entire trip. I loved being able to hold her and snuggled her all night.

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Monday we were up bright and early and headed out to the park. She has absolutely no fear and plays at the big kid side. She was a little apprehensive of this bridge, but then just started tearing straight through it. Afterwards, we did some stuff around the house and had my cousin and his family over. We seriously spent all weekend outside and I loved it. I can't wait for warmer weather and spending the weekends outside with my family. It's so much fun, it's free, and it's one of my favorite ways to make memories together.

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I posted this on Monday, but my cousins used this window pane in their wedding as their seating chart and generously gave it to me. I have several ideas running through my head about what to do with it, but I'm still unsure. I want to hang it in our formal living room above the larger couch, but I don't know how to decorate it. I'm thinking a cursive L and a wreath to add some color? Maybe put some family pics in it? Let me know if you have any ideas!

How was your weekend?
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