Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Recently Rediscovered Beauty Favorites + 2 New

After my Fall Makeup Inspiration post and through just cleaning up the house, I found some old favorites that I've been using lately. I have so much dang makeup, it's nearly impossible to go through all of it and use it up. I threw a lot of it out, bagged a bunch to bring into MAC to trade for a shadow or gloss, and then there were some items I just put back and will deal with at another time.

 photo BCE7CDD2-3734-49B0-BBF4-8A4812407411_zps6su0mkzc.jpg

Some old favorites that have become new favorites again are...

 photo FE3FAEF0-D1F9-4508-93A6-38A53A8D283F_zpshd5x3pts.jpg
MAC Blush in Nuance 
Ellie misplaced my favorite Warm Soul and I thought for sure it would have turned up by now.

 photo 00614A63-1B17-4E31-9991-D7B86A039183_zpsncfocoxo.jpg
MAC Blush in Sunbasque 

 photo 4107F504-4FE7-4D59-96F3-57B635691032_zpsiqadnylr.jpg  photo E1BA9C36-0F9C-4101-8DBA-6490F272FDCD_zpsywscqusy.jpg
MAC Shadows in (left-right) Texture, Romp , Soba, Blanc Type, and Trax
Romp is apparently discontinued, whomp whomp, but  Woodwinked is really similar

Two new favorites:
 photo 9B12F4D9-E0C4-4B6A-A2C2-F52F71EE90B1_zpsv3dkqkhx.jpg

I usually would wear Brown Down, but it was discontinued as well and the MUA said that Corduroy was really close. I think it has more of a red undertone though instead of a true brown, but I like it.

Eleanor broke my usual brow powder I wore and nearly every makeup artist's blog I read all use Brun for their client's brows. So I picked it up and haven't looked back. I really love this color and it's really versatile. I also use it to line my bottom lid as well. I think it would work well with darker hair too.

 photo D66A5A81-820F-4F2A-99CE-3F895D95ADB4_zpsvsuta3ar.jpg
MAC Gloss in Florabundance
This is a great nude color that's more pink than other favorites like C-Thru and Underage.

 photo F1633D3D-354E-42B8-9387-A672DF92622C_zps5hyrndcb.jpg
My sister gave me a new potion as one of my Christmas gifts and I'm so happy! I really have missed it, it's hands down the best primer I've used (although I did find one that held down the fort in the meantime, check out my review). 

 photo 89A8E795-1B41-45E7-BC05-140BD6DD14F1_zpsm2nmsc31.jpg
This is an old favorite that I used up my last bottle of and since I started using it all the time I picked up a new bottle to replace it. Totally worth the $3.

 photo 10808996_388138678017054_591820507_n_zps43e1fed6.jpg
Here's an IG (follow me at Kristen_Lawler) pic I posted where I'm wearing the Sunbasque blush and Florabundance gloss. 

What are some of your makeup favorites? Have you discovered or re-discovered anything great lately?
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