Monday, November 10, 2014

Product Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Shadow

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Since buying our house, I haven’t had the chance to replenish some of my Holy Grail beauty products in a while. Our area is still developing and our closest mall is a solid 20 minute drive and I don’t make it over there that often. One thing I’ve been out of for a while is my Urban Decay Primer Potion (see my original review here) and I’ve had to check out some other primers in the meantime (like this so-so elf one). I wear eye shadow daily and like to use a primer base underneath to ensure it lasts my work day without fading or creasing. I know I can order it online, but I like going into beauty stores to check out other products and I’ve been wanting to go in to see some products from my Fall Beauty Inspiration post.

One item that’s been on my radar for a while is MAC’s Paint Pots (specifically Bare Study and Ochre). I’ve tried a paint pot in the past and didn’t care too much for it, but I have been wanting to try it again. A few of my girlfriends swear by them so I thought I should give them another go and added it to my Christmas list. While browsing my usual beauty blogs and Pinterest, I kept seeing the Color Tattoo Shadows repeatedly as dupes for MAC’s Paint Pots. During a late night pinning sesh, I found this particular pin and decided to test the Color Tattoo Shadow in Barely Branded since it’s considered a dupe for Bare Study.

 photo 31ac923d-d345-4b59-b69a-95b8a3e51e8d_zps9e7c3646.jpg
Barely Branded is a pretty shimmery champagne color that makes for a good neutral base for shadows. I’ve used this only as a shadow base, but have used it almost every day since purchasing it. I use a small concealer brush (similar to this one) to apply a thin layer all over my lid to my brow bone before applying my shadows. The shadow is creamy and soft, creamier than I remember the paint pots to be. I was afraid that it would be hard and not blend well, but it applies easily and “sets” quickly. It’s a pretty wash and is buildable in color if you’re going to wear it alone. This color is very shimmery and adds some extra shimmer to the shadows I top it with. I don’t mind that since a lot of my shadows are shimmery anyways, but I do skip it when wearing matte shadows or I don’t want to add the extra shimmer to my look. One day when I think I applied too much I did have some creasing, but typically I haven’t had any creasing and my shadows last a solid 8-10 hours before fading. Win!

After trying this out now for a few weeks, I’m very pleased with it. I’m not interested at this time in trying other colors or using it alone, but I really like it for a shadow base. After finding this base, I don’t care about trying the paint pots again since this is working for me, especially with its great price point ($6.99). I do plan on re-purchasing my Urban Decay Primer Potion as that is a clear base, but will probably use them both equally depending on what shadows I’m using (matte vs shimmer).

What primers do you like to use? Do you use a primer at all? We have a shopping center opening up near our home in the next year or so and I’m crossing my fingers that it will include an Ulta!
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