Monday, November 24, 2014

Recent Purchases: Mama + Me

Lately, I've been picking up a few items here and there so I compiled a post of everything over the last few weeks.I love to see what everyone is buying, what new products are out, and what deals they've found. Luckily, I've found some great deals and sales, especially with the holidays coming up. Around this time of year, I try to wait to buy things until Black Friday so I can get the best deal, but there's been a few items I've just had to have or I took advantage of pre-Black Friday deals.

On a side note, what the heck is up with the stores opening so early this year? Shopping at 6 is like regular shopping, not Black Friday shopping. They're taking the fun out of it! I think I'll just go shopping at my regular time and not care about standing in line or getting into a store first. Plus, I don't have anything specific or big to purchase.

 photo 9107FA94-D3EF-4584-BDDE-EE1561491ECF_zpshp4pygba.jpg
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish
After seeing a ton of reviews I had to snag this for myself! I love Sally Hansen and will be doing a full review soon.
 photo 06889fe9-8b36-4bca-baa9-2c5c904541fe_zps716838ed.jpg
Milani Blush in Luminoso
Another winning recommendation from Meg. It was hard to find this shade- it was sold out everywhere. I really love the color, it’s a gorgeous neutral and I want to pick up a darker color for the fall season.

 photo DCE9043C-83F6-4C20-827C-ECE0AF7CCCE0_zpsi5mfgkfq.jpg
I saw this a while ago on someone's IG account and when I saw that Ulta had some as stocking stuffers for $3 I scooped one up to test out. So far, I really like it! Especially when I wear my hair straight and I'm on day 2-3 hair and need some extra lift.

 photo 064F75CF-D3E8-48E2-BBC4-39EEF3E477F6_zpsk2maqqco.jpg
Remember the gray beanie I posted about on a previous post? Well, it finally cooled down enough to wear it a few days and I can’t freaking find it anywhere. It’s been abducted by aliens. So I picked it up in black until the martians decide to return it to its owner.

 photo 01a99755-c4ef-415f-bfb9-4e25c3945dc6_zpscc99079e.jpg
When do I ever turn down a scarf? Never! Grabbed this one from Target asap when I saw that it was 50% off!

 photo 5C30C4A1-B86B-4E8C-858C-C048327C1975_zpstfka8ejl.jpg
Again, if it’s a scarf I must own it. I love this thick knit and the wine color is beautiful. I can’t wait to re-create this look from pinterest I pinned a million years ago with it. (LINK TO PIN)

 photo 728cae45-8add-431b-9f54-7f094519ef11_zpsed87348e.jpg
Remember this gem from my Mama + Me post? I had to snag it, even if it was full price. I plan on being twinsies with Ellie for Thanksgiving this week.

 photo 1ceaa3eb-5760-45e6-8437-834ff7081269_zps63ba4d24.jpg
Boot Socks (in store)

Here are some things I've bought for Ellie:

 photo B41F0506-275A-4EBC-87AD-CB618D61E361_zpsfqsjnhxx.jpg
I saw these online, but they didn’t have them yet in store at Carters, but I found them at Kohls! Add to cart. I wish they have feet attached at the bottom though, I prefer for Ellie's pajamas to keep her feet covered in the winter time. I'll just dress her in socks.

 photo 8431B15A-08FF-42D3-8A0A-254538DE42AB_zpsr9c6msbo.jpg
As soon as I showed this to Ellie she hugged it and I knew it was a winner. Now if I could only find one for me!

 photo 2BE57C12-4F7A-4A64-B6CB-CF9BB730FBA1_zpsclhnpiuc.jpg
This is the perfect skirt for the holidays! It’s so pretty and I love the material. I can't wait for her to rock this little pretty to the parties.

 photo effea265-53af-47fc-8101-c2e8f154f57c_zpsd90f7542.jpg
How cute will these tights be with the above skirt? Love the fun polka dots!

 photo 4F5797C1-087C-48BC-A159-1CA9F4D1E6A2_zpsqrwag6y5.jpg
Northern Isle Pjs
I love winter jammies that Ellie can wear all season (not just for Christmas) and this fun bright print was perfect! I want to buy her a larger size for next year I love it so much.

 photo 3824E49A-5DF9-480A-B442-9B64CD4286E0_zps5wtplkwh.jpg
Denim Skirt
I love the look of fun printed tights/leggings with skirts/dresses for layering on little girls. This skirt is so cute on her, she wore it for our family pictures a few weeks ago. 

These shoes are so adorable!! I love the silver flats (they run big) and want to get her the same pair in gold now. I couldn't help myself with the fox flats, they are just too cute.

 photo 2ED7CAF2-2C1D-4D23-BB8B-53534688706C_zpsnenftxoh.jpg
Although this is from the girl's section, it totally looks like a boy's shirt. Until I dress my little Ellie Bell up with a giant bow and fur vest (or puffer vest)! Can't wait to see how cute she looks in this top.

Hope you all have a fabulous short week!
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