Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Recent Beauty Items

I’ve recently got a bunch of beauty items and wanted to review them on the blog. Some are new to me and others are just re-purchases. I love to see what products other people continually re-purchase and I don’t think I post about it enough and honestly don’t remember the last time I posted about a re-purchase of a beauty product so I figured I could include it today. If people are buying beauty products over and over again, they gotta be must-haves for them right? I like to see what works for people on a regular basis, their everyday products, etc. I’ve bought a ton of make-up over the years that I initially loved, but never used it up completely or bought it again. Was it a bad product? Not necessarily, but not good enough to keep on hand. Today’s products include items I’ve used for years and have posted about them before, but like years ago.

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MAC Eyeshadow Satin Taupe
This was the first MAC shadow I ever purchased and I used it all through college, but when I ran out I didn’t buy it again because I had so many other colors that were similar I haven’t used this shade in years. My SIL uses it regularly and when I was with her one day I used her make-up and fell in love with the color all over again. I’m so glad I tried it again because it’s a really beautiful shade.

MAC Eyeshadow All That Glitters
The first time I used this shadow was for my Bridal Shower back in 2011 when I had my make-up done and have been using it ever since. It’s a great neutral, a soft shimmer pink/beige that’s great to layer and I wear it almost daily.

MAC Eyshadow Naked Lunch
This is another great find I found when using my SIL’s make-up. She uses it daily and has for years, and I just had to have it for myself after using it. It’s very similar to All That Glitters, a soft shimmery pink color. It’s a little lighter shade though.

MAC Mineral Blush Warm Soul
This was a re-purchase for me (see my review here), this is my every day blush and I put it on my Secret Santa list with like three stars because I was out of it for so long and nearly scraping my blush brush to get some in the mornings. Don’t you hate when you run low on a favorite item and you’re scraping the sides of the jar to get more use out of it while you’re waiting to get a new one? You can see my initial review of this blush here, and it’s a total holy grail blush for me. I use it consistently and sometimes even use it as eyeshadow! It’s a beautiful color and so versatile, it really works for any skin tone and hair color.

Urban Decay Naked Palette 3
When I heard that Urban Decay was coming out with another palette, I freaked out. The first two palettes get a lot of use and I couldn’t wait to see what the third would hold (see my review of 1 here and 2 here). The third palette is lots of rose-hued shades and I wasn’t sure if I wanted it right away because I don’t wear a lot of those shades, but I put it on my Christmas list for my Secret Santa. That’s what those lists are there for right? For items you want, but maybe won’t buy yourself? Well, Santa came through and completed my UD Palette collection and I have been wearing the colors almost every day. They are really soft and pretty, I don’t think that the palette is as versatile as the first two versions so I wouldn’t consider this one a must-have or a holy grail product, but I would definitely check it out. I’m very happy with mine, but I don’t think I’ll get as much mileage out of this one as I do the first two.

 photo a4865458717211e3a14612d24ed1fd89_8_zpseca56075.jpg
Revlon Fuschia Shock
We all know my love of Revlon lip products right now, they are just the best and at such a great price point. I’ve been wanting a bright pink for a while and Ulta had all Revlon products buy 1 get one 50% off so when I went in I snatched up this pretty shade with a red one. I’ve only worn it a few times so far, but really love the bright color. It’s fun, has a warm tone, and lasts throughout the day.

Revlon Really Red
Red is such a fun color to wear and there’s so many shades and tones of red, it’s easy to fall in love with several of them. For the holidays, I wanted a bright, true red shade and after some inspiration from Julie at Gal Meets Glam, I went with Really Red. It was the perfect shade for Christmas and I’ve worn it several times since then.

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Revlon Black Cherry
I’ve posted previously about wanting a dark shade to wear this winter and I was on a hunt all over for this Black Cherry shade, it was sold out at every Target, Ulta, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid I went to, I nearly gave up hope! Then I got the sweetest email ever from Sam who found the lipstick for me and wanted to mail it. I was absolutely floored by her generosity, people are so good and kind and her email and gesture meant to much to me. I was humbled and felt all warm and fuzzy that someone who reads this blog would reach out to me. I love getting emails from readers about fashion, beauty, parenthood, etc and I love that this has given me a platform to create so many friendships. Thank you again Sam!

So I wore this color to work, and I was kind of hesitant because it’s such a dark shade, I didn’t know if I could wear it during the day, but I figured you only live once, so why not? Wowza, I have never received so many compliments on a lipstick in my life. Now, I have no qualms about wearing it anytime I feel like it. It’s such a gorgeous, deep red, it’s like a nice merlot color. I absolutely love this lipstick and am so happy to add it to my collection. Don’t be afraid to try new shades! I’m so glad I have ventured out of my nude lip rut. Up until 2 years ago, I never wore anything but nude/soft pinks and recently I’ve been wearing brighter colors on a regular basis.

NYX Lip Liner Auburn
When I wore Black Cherry for the first time, I didn't have a liner to wear with it so I improvised and used a brown eyeliner and blended like crazy to keep from looking like a chola. I bought this color to go with the shade and it's a great match.

NYX Lip Liner Hot Red
With all the red shades of lipstick I have, for some reason I didn't own a red liner! I think liner is a must when wearing red because it can get so messy. This is a great match to my Really Red and some other red shades I have as well. Win!

Essie Wicked
I’m pretty sure this is a holy grail for a dark shade for every girl. I had a mini- version of it (I think) from some multi-pack I bought and I couldn’t find it so I bought the full size and haven’t taken it off. I like the dark vampy color (especially paired with the Revlon Black Cherry lipstick), it’s a deep maroon that’s almost black and I just love the shade. If you’re looking for a new dark I would definitely recommend this color. Another favorite is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

Sally Hansen Rapid Red
Again, with the red, I know. I’ve been looking for a bright red polish and was stuck because there are so many shades to choose from. I’ve always been happy with Sally Hansen polishes, they’re true to color, dry quickly, are part of the 3 free (?) of chemicals, and are a great price point. I finally decided on ___ and have been happy with the bright shade. It’s a true red, but a little lighter, without losing its redness. Does that make sense? You know how reds can be pink/red, orange/red, blue/red, or coral/red? I wanted red/red and think I found the shade I was looking for. I was afraid of finding the perfect shade only to have it not be true to the bottle or need several layers to gain the desired shade. This color is the perfect berry red, great to wear year round and I’ve had it on and off my fingers since I bought it. Finding time to do my nails since having Ellie has been tough! How do you mamas do it? She is not a sleeper and any extra time I get to myself, doing my nails falls short on my priority list.

What beauty items have you recently bought? Anything I need to have? What are some of your products that you keep re-buying continually?
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