Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Product Review: MAC Warm Soul Blush

The different background and lighting make a huge difference in how the colors looks!

 Warm Soul is simply beautiful peach shade with pink undertones and gold shimmer.

-Works for EVERY skin color. Ever color, I know so many people who use this blush and it looks great on all of us (dark skin/hair, to light skin/hair)
-Buildable color
-Gives a sort of bronzed effect
-Not super shimmery when applied, so don't be afraid for you matte blush lovers
-Warms up your face and gives a nice glow
-Easy to blend

-Because of the golden glow it gives you, it can be easy to overdose on bronzer and the blush so you need to be sure to keep a light hand and build the color or skip the bronzer all together

Overall, I love this shade and would definitely recommend it to everyone to check out. It looks so natural, it's definitely a color I'll be re-purchasing.

Lately, I've become obsessed with blush. I have so many, but I really do switch which ones I'm using up a lot. Some colors I swear by, MAC Pink Swoon, Warm Soul, Sunbasque, for example and are some of my go-to shades.

What are your favorite blushes?
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