Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Product Review: Urban Decay Naked Palette 2

Here's a side by side swap of the UDNP1 (top) vs the UDNP2 (bottom) 
via Makeup and Beauty Blog's below and check out her post with her review.

Here's the things to note from the video:

-Quality is just as great as the first the one. Obviously, they're the same brand.
-Very neutral colors, great for any skin tone and eye color.
-Case is superior to the UDNP1.
-Perfect for those starting out in make-up or prefer more natural colors. There are still some dark shades (that black is pretty heavy), but has more daytime and lighters shades than UDNP1.
-If I had to pick just one of the palettes, I'd choose the first one, only because I prefer more of a smoky eye, but I'm also more familiar with it since I've had it for so long. 
-I use both palettes frequently, the UDNP2 mostly for work and day activities and the UDNP1 for nights/weekends.
-My MAC shadows, besides my holy grail shades, have completely been ignored and have pretty much become obsolete since buying these palettes. They're THAT good.
-Definitely worth the funds!! Every makeup lover should own them.

Do you have the palettes? How do you like them? Which do you prefer?

Do you guys prefer written or vlog reviews? Or is a post like this that has both preferable?
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