Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Mayans Must Be Right...

the world must be ending because I'm a brunette

I've never had dark hair before and with my last hair appointment, I just went for it! Wait, that was a lie. I did go dark my freshman year during Greek Week when I was playing Chicago's Roxy Hart for lip sync, but the look didn't stick. It was from a box, and NOT a good look. Especially when I'm supposed to be a blonde character-thank goodness for wigs! So I guess this is brunette 2.0.... anyways, I'm still rocking the ombre, so I have a touch of blonde at my tips, but whoa is it so much darker! I'm not used to it yet, but I love the color. We'll see how long I keep it, but for now it's staying.

Here is the pic I shared on Instagram (Kristen_Lawler) the day after the big change. 

These pics are from when I got home from the salon. 

Here it is a few weeks and washes later. 

It looks so different in varying lights and sometimes looks much darker than other times. I'm still loving the ombre look into fall and it's such an easy way to transition to a darker color. If you want to see my ombre transition, the looks are here and here

If you're wondering about going ombre, I would say do it! There's a lot of different ways and to go and colors to choose. You can have it as subtle or extreme as you like, but it does look better the more often you do it. My second and third round have turned out much better than my first time, only because I was so blonde, it's hard to achieve the look when you have highlights all over. 

Hope you guys are enjoying the short work week, I'm loving it!
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