Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My 5 Style Icons

The other day I was flipping through InStyle's September issue and got to thinking about style. They feature one celebrity's top 10 best dressed moments (this month it's Emma Stone) and I usually always agree on their chosen outfits (although, I do think they miss one every now and then). I love this feature and think it's fun to see someone's best fashion moments. 

I started wondering who I think has the best style- someone who looks fabulous day to day and from year to year. There are so many gorgeous women in the world and I love seeing what they choose to wear. Celebrities have so much at their fingerprints and events of all occasions to wear exciting new items. I thought I'd feature who I think always looks the best and has best style all around.

So after much deliberation, here is my top 5 women who I think always look amazing. These five look gorgeous at every event and I would love to raid their closets and have their hair! I wanted to do a little blurb about each one, but the reason I love each of their style is the same: they always look feminine, classy, sexy, and push the trends without ever over-doing it.

Blake Lively

Kate Middleton

Emma Stone

Mila Kunis

Miranda Kerr

Aren't they gorgeous? Don't they always look stunning? I think these women will always look that way too, style stays with people, it doesn't just disappear after a season (or movie promo trail). Their looks will still look great in years to come. What I love about their style too, is that it doesn't seem like they're trying too hard. They care about what they wear, they choose pieces that flatter themselves, and they're just working simple pieces in a mega way.

Who do you think are today's style icons? What do you think of my picks? I can't wait to see who you choose!
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