Thursday, March 12, 2015

Recent Purchases for Ellie

Today I'm sharing a few purchases for Ellie, I bought several items from their big President's Sale (see my picks here) but I have a few things from other stores I picked up. I love shopping for little girls, they are so much fun! Right now she's in a 3T and I swear it's so hard to find that size, it seems like it's always sold out in stores. It also makes me sad that she's in toddler sizes and not baby ones anymore.

 photo c3fb564d-82a5-413e-b85e-5b5acc79c47c_zpsrselu39w.jpg
My grandma and I went shopping and made a stop to Old Navy and I had to pick up this bright floral dress for Ellie. I love her in lots of different colors, but she really looks great in bright ones (my favorite is blue and yellow on her). I think I'm going to save this dress for Easter, but there's so many gorgeous spring dresses out I might change my mind. It's also a bit casual, so we'll see as the holiday approaches.
 photo c7d7ffdd-1163-4b9c-88d0-770b05403aab_zpstibtghxe.jpg
This adorable hat is also from that same shopping trip and it looks so cute on! They had a really cute straw hat I wanted for her, but they didn't have her size and I haven't been able to find it online.

 photo 6cb77c0a-9e97-4115-baf8-b7f9d37cfa8a_zpsqjgblszu.jpg
When Carter's had their big sale (see my picks here), I ordered two pairs of shoes for Ellie, but they were both too small. Anytime I order shoes in the future for her, I'm going to order two sizes and just return the ones that don't fit.  I was kind of kicking myself in the butt for not doing that in first place when I know better. They didn't have the same ones we ordered in-store, but we found these bright ones and Ellie flipped over them. I think I'll just order the other pairs again online. LOL

 photo a0d79a79-7da8-4dbf-be26-5f433c0ea84a_zpslkfjkjxo.jpg
Rash Guard Swim Set
I saw this swimsuit at Target and snagged it almost immediately. I love the colors and it's nice that there's extra coverage for Ellie's fair skin. I've seen so many adorable suits this year, it's been hard not to buy each and every one I see! I'm also eyeing this one and another fringe one I saw in-store at Carters, but haven't seen online.

 photo cn9236113_zpsrzwkjoem.jpg

I found these adorable flip-flops online and they match the suit so perfectly, but they're sold out online! Gotta find them somewhere in store- which I'm sure will never happen, but I'll try anyways. 

One more day until the weekend! Hope your week is going swimmingly :)
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