Monday, March 23, 2015

A SLC Weekend

Just over a week ago, one of the most important people in my life passed away. My Grandpa left this life to join my Grandma in eternity and I know that they are so extremely happy to be reunited again. I didn't want to post about it anywhere, like I had before with my Grandma. It was just too hard now that I don't have either of them. It was a beautiful funeral, lots of great memories were shared, it was wonderful to get together with family we hadn't seen in a long time and catch up and reminisce. This is all I really want to say at this time, but I really appreciate the love and support from everyone.

 photo BD027AB0-41F8-4505-8EA8-6ACE9A85D849_zpslxntolgp.jpg

My sister, her fiance, and Ellie and I flew out Wednesday morning and Matt followed up on Thursday. Ellie did great on our last trip on the flights, and I was worried now that she's older that it would be harder for her and I. She was such a dream though! It was so great on all four flights round trip! Big thanks to my sister and future bro-in-law for keeping her entertained!

 photo BE892F88-7979-473F-88FA-BC4D223D9816_zps9fgnh2ib.jpg photo FABF2198-8F86-4407-B53C-33F718062087_zpszf8x1uhw.jpg

When we got in, we relaxed and visited with family. I could have stayed up all night long talking and laughing! Before we picked up Matt, we headed to a restaurant my BIL found on the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives website called the Blue Plate Diner. It was such a neat place; lots of vintage decor, knickknacks, a jukebox, and an old school milk shake counter.

 photo 801D0341-47C2-478E-B511-E70D658D87CC_zpsgkgm0eap.jpg photo 795682EE-4A41-494C-936C-30462AE0E89C_zpsnlt2rwyh.jpg

Of course, I didn't eat anything that Guy Fieri suggested (no thank you to Corned Beef Hash), but this giant waffle covered in bananas and home style potatoes was delicious. The bananas were perfectly ripe and my mouth is watering looking at this pic. Matt was totally sad to miss out.

 photo 4EF99FDD-8A0A-4E1C-B5A6-4E184C3F7487_zpsjnvvrswo.jpg

After we picked him up, we headed to the City Creek Center (also known as the prettiest mall ever) to walk around and show the guys. I love this mall and check out it every time I'm in town. Ellie was so excited about her Tinkerbell doll, it was so cute!

 photo BC6B3A2D-4BF3-4331-A2F3-B1D5F27716B0_zps4u6sfzf3.jpg photo BBC45D2F-E122-499C-9173-4DFF8371C546_zpshyqc5ezb.jpg

After our little shopping trip, we crossed the street to one of my absolute favorite places- Temple Square. It's so beautiful in the spring time and I couldn't resist getting a few family pics. I wish we had brought our good DSLR camera, because the whole square and Temple are gorgeous. My lame IPhone pics don't do it justice!

 photo 705C4547-6645-461A-9FC1-0B1512545D38_zpsauri0pcv.jpg

Friday was the funeral and we spent the day with family before we had to fly out Saturday morning (at the crack of dawn). I really wish we could have stayed longer. I know I haven't lived there in some time now, but it still feels like home to me. The time we spent went by so fast, I hardly have any pictures. None with cousins, my dad, or anyone! I hate not having the pics, but I'm glad I spent the time together with them present and not on my phone too (which is why I have some rather boring pics). 

Hope you had a good weekend and an even better start to your week. Thanks for reading!
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