Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day Off Recap

Last week I had a day off during the typical work week and I did my best to photograph our day to share. I love taking a peek into other people's lives and Meg does great posts that share a typical day or morning of her life which I really enjoy. So, inspired by her here's a look at a typical week day off around our house.

 photo 4F5D7ED5-2C39-462C-9164-068163B428FD_zpsknndh0nc.jpg
Top // Very Jane Necklace (Old) // Jeans // Sandals // Sunnies // Old Navy Tote (old)
Ellie and I wake up around 7 and have eggs and toast for breakfast and we watch Mr Peabody and Sherman (such a cute movie!) while I do some clean up in the kitchen. After that, we're on our way out for a Target run for some goodies. It's getting hard to shop with Ellie in toe now, she wants to look at everything, touch everything, and say hi to every stranger. I went armed with an apple sauce pack, pretzels, and a bag of Hershey Kisses (which she found way too soon). 

 photo D29564AE-8C1B-4D9E-A5D8-59EFEA1B54B7_zpslwoplu5a.jpg
Peplum Top // Shorts
After our trip we enjoy some strawberries and water outside in the sunshine. Ellie also is loving the Fubbles we picked up during the adventure. 

 photo 41C5B944-8645-4CD5-A12B-B0DC3EAB75C4_zpsx3vztmib.jpg
We're always listening to fun music in the car and Ellie is in love with a bunch of nursery rhymes right now and I was so excited to snag this CD for her Easter basket. On sale for $6.99 too! 

 photo 379C4A45-A4B7-4E14-AE69-A2693D28BBAB_zpsk5muuf02.jpg
I also picked up a few things for myself too... 

 photo 3382F8BE-9D02-4C23-A08F-960BC054AE2A_zpssln2zv34.jpg
e.l.f. Brushes
After bubbles and a cheese quesadilla lunch, it was naptime! I took advantage of this time to finally get around to washing my makeup brushes. It's a task I hate doing, but love the feel of a clean brush afterward. I also need to do this way more often. 

 photo 99A59A2A-666D-4630-A7D3-1E5D8FA201C6_zpspekwspek.jpg
Naptime is also the perfect time to catch up on some TV and catch some Zzzz's myself. 

 photo 6CF1DABD-31B5-4FCD-8437-2A66E713BC82_zpspjl1stgv.jpg
Once naptime is over, we're back outside. It was such a gorgeous day and we love spending it outside together. We also found a big lizard Ellie is obsessed with. She looks for it everytime we go outside and is so upset and offended when she can't find it. I just tell her it went home to have dinner with his mommy. Which works for a few minutes before she starts looking for him again. 

 photo 8C9687FC-66EC-462E-B6E9-810E1564262C_zpss3qtzfez.jpg
I put on a childhood classic and give Ellie some Pirate's Booty while I start dinner. She loves all the mice and the singing, but mostly is playing with her Little People and watching what I'm doing for dinner. 

 photo 9A336513-3279-43D9-AC41-5707FED0ED8C_zpspzdfcxkp.jpg
During this time, Ellie also learns how to take selfies. 100s of them.

 photo ED0D75FE-664C-4ABE-9148-4F911303430E_zpsceaxdc2z.jpg
Dinner plans change since Matt has to work a bit later, so Ellie and I have something simple and delicious- chicken apple sausages and steamed broccoli. 

 photo 31CAB8AD-C126-4B04-9915-A70F6D073A85_zpst22kx52s.jpg
We end the night with some brownie making and it's off to bed for her. Matt and I relax and watch some American Idol before we head off to bed ourselves.

It's a pretty standard day off around here, we also play a ton with dolls, fake food, coloring, and puzzles in our playroom.  We try and set up playdates or often head to the sports park nearby, but no matter what I always try and get us out of the house for our sanity.

Happy Hump Day! I hope you're all having a great week!
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