Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paint Me Pretty

You are all aware of my nail polish obsession right? Oh, you're not? Did you miss this post where I had to confess my beauty sins? Oh and that's nothing, my collection has since grown. Oy vey. I paint my nails on a weekly basis, it's just a little way to have some fun, play with color, and a cheap and quick way to change my look. I'm still in love with the accent fingernail(s) as well.

Favorite Pinterest looks:




Some of my favorite colors this summer have been:

Sally Hansen Lacy Lilac
Sally Hansen Coral Reef
 Sinful Colors 24/7 (complete dupe of cult favorite Essie Pink Parka)
Essie Bikini So Teeny

These four colors have been my go-to this season. Especially the Lacey Lilac, I get a lot of comments about it on Instagram (Kristen_Lawler) too. It's hands-down my favorite lilac color ever, even more so than Essie Lilacism. 

What are colors have you been wearing? What color must I have in my collection?
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