Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Product Review: Maybelline SuperStay 14hr Lipstick

As many of you know, I've been tipping my toes into different lipsticks (you can see some of my reviews here, here, here, and a video of my fave lip products here) and had to try this new lipstick by Maybelline. The magazine ads are so beautiful, and I loved the model's lip color- a fun bright fuchsia pink. I tracked down the color in the ad and searched several stores before I found the color. If it was sold out everywhere, it had to be a goodie right?

Maybelline SuperStay Lipstick in Eternal Rose

My swatch of the shade
From their site:
• Stays fresh, light, and comfortable
• Super rich color that lasts for 14 hours
• No drying

• Rich, vibrant matte color
• Fades evenly

• Definitely doesn't last 14 hours, more like 4 with a longing stain
• Very drying
• Hard texture, doesn't just glide on your lips
• Strong fruity smell which I didn't care for. At all.

To be honest, I was pretty disappointed with this lipstick. Maybelline shocked me with how poor this product is, and their advertising was such a lie! I'm a big fan of Maybelline and couldn't believe this product belonged to them. I didn't feel that the color was true to the ad or even the container. It looks shiny in my swatch above, but it's really matte and drying. In real life, it looked much darker on my lips than I expected, even when using a foundation to get a more true hue. It's hard to put on and drags your lips a bit when applying. I will not ever purchase this again or even this brand's lipstick. I'll be sticking with Revlon all the way for my store brands.

Have you tried this lipstick? Did you have better luck?

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