Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Netflix Queue

Now that summer is upon us, TV watching has kind of nose-dived, all I have now is Pretty Little Liars and True Blood. Thank goodness for Netflix! Here’s some shows I’ve been obsessed with and watch through the summer before the fall line-up starts. Some of these shows series are showcased during the summer, but you can get caught up through Netflix, which is how I found them all.

Hands down, the most riveting TV show I’ve ever seen. Each season is one big case and always have great actors as their clients. Glenn Close is a shark, I love her character. Rose Byrne’s clothing and hair are fantastic too. The first & third season have been my favorites so far.I love the way it's filmed as well, with flash forwards which totally could lead anywhere and you never know the whole story til the very last episode.

Many people suggested this to me and I finally watched it and couldn’t stop! I love period pieces like these that are full of lust, rivalry, class hierarchy and their struggles. It’s so fascinating and I love all of the family & their staff’s story lines.

I don’t know how I never watched this show before, but all I have for you is two words: Matt Bomer. Done. Watch it!

Erin from Everything According to Erin has been blogging about this show since its premiere. I don’t know why I waited so long to start the show, but I was hooked after the first episode. Each episode you have more suspects and evidence and so many stories intertwine, it’s nuts!

What are you watching this summer? Or on Netflix?
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