Monday, November 30, 2009

Betty Crocker Strikes Again!

Since most of my culinary skills are limited (to say the least- my best creations are Jello shots) I have tried to domesticate myself so that my BF will know that if we choose to spend our lives together he will not starve to death or die of an overdose of PB&Js.

This year, I decided it was time that I start contributing to Thanksgiving and needed to bring some item that was digestible for all and not those over the tender age of 21. That's when I found these cute cupcakes here and started baking. The BF and I had a great time and they were a huge success at the party! My Mom has always made cupcakes out of an ice cream cone, so I did have some previous experience with this. The few things I did differently is use an aluminum pan for turkeys so I could bake 16 at a time and it would be deep enough for them to sit straight up and I used icing instead of dipping it into chocolate because I didn't have any melting chips like I thought and didn't want to wrestle some lady at the store at 10PM the night before Thanksgiving.

How was your Thanksgiving? Does your family cook or go out to eat? Are you in charge of anything for the day?

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