Thursday, November 5, 2009

Up For Debate?

Over at Day Old News (such a great gossip blog- I love it!) had a new post about Zac Efron's celebratory party for his Nylon cover and had the following pic of one of my style icons Ashley Tisdale:
Yes, she always looks great, but here is where I have a question,

1. Is it still appropriate to wear shorts (especially cut-off denim ones) out after hours in November?
2. How do you feel about shorts and boots?

Are these Do's or Don'ts? Please advise!!

I currently reside in CA and although it is quite warm here, I just don't feel like I can still wear my cut-off shorts.Tailored shorts with textured tights? Yes.
Also, there's always a debate about shorts and boots, especially with Uggs.

What's your opinion?
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