Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How I Whiten my Teeth at Home

With the new year upon us, I have several goals and resolutions this year I fully plan on keeping. I know I’m one of many who have the same mindset, but I’ve been thinking about 2017 and what I want to accomplish for several months and have narrowed it down and focused on what is really important to me and my family. One thing that seems to be on everyone’s list each year is their health. This year, I don’t have a fitness goal, but I want to focus on my overall health, including my teeth!

Eleanor had a dentist appointment a while ago and she did amazing! I was so proud that she didn’t have any cavities and knew that our hard work of daily brushing and flossing have paid off. Matt and I were so concerned about setting our children up for success in having healthy teeth by watching what they’re eating and when, using a timer to brush their teeth, using the right toothpaste for their age that I’ve put my own teeth health on the back burner. How can I expect my children to maintain healthy teeth if I’m not setting a good example myself?

 photo 22164EC8-A230-4E48-BB85-719F718AE901_zpsof4rbblm.jpg

First, I need to take care of business. I’ve made my first dentist appointment for the year. I dread going to the dentist, but I feel empowered now that the appointment has been made and have a stronger sense of dedication to myself. Then, I need to keep on with the routine! We all know how important it is to floss, but I’ve skipped a day here or there. What about diet? I need to keep myself to the same diet focus as I do with my children, eating healthy and choosing smart snacks.

Now that I’m back on board for healthy teeth, what about how they look? I tend to stick with clear liquids, but I’ve recently come to love dark sodas and I can tell they’ve taken a bit to my teeth. I love a nice, natural bright smile and had the chance to test out an at home whitening kit with Smile Brilliant. They are perfect for my busy schedule, I was able to make custom impressions and whiten my teeth on my own time in the comfort of my home and sweats.

 photo A3B1775B-BDFF-4ABB-804F-425FA070C144_zps7wi4pdep.jpg  photo 76A02925-F60D-4C66-932D-18E51CE8EC7D_zpsysfob6p8.jpg
 photo 563078B6-7B17-4A88-A3F4-D5D98D376668_zpssuzjyavs.jpg  photo 707583C0-3335-42F8-B15B-EAC2C716F31D_zpsrifi0gpx.jpg  photo 35DD7214-97B2-4DCC-B3AA-B40E020E6EFB_zpsftpaifym.jpg

My kit arrived quickly and it had everything I needed to get started! It included the base and catalyst to make my impressions, with a spare in the event I made a mistake and needed to start over. I was worried I wouldn’t get this part right, but it was really easy and my impressions fit perfectly and were comfortable to wear. The kit includes whitening gel and desensitizing gel to help rehydrate and reduce any sensitivity caused by the whitening process. You wear the trays with the whitening gel anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours, then rinse and use the desensitizing gel for 5-15 minutes.

 photo 180B11F8-FC01-486A-81C3-6981039B27DF_zps1z9e8wvu.jpg photo DA7268D7-0A16-44F1-8E65-CAAC871E4CC6_zpshjdouprs.jpg photo 8FBA999E-5A74-4306-B605-2314748D7CDE_zps1gdyicnf.jpg

Left: Before // Right: 30 Days Later

I’ve used the whitening kit 2-3 times a week for the last month and it’s worked so well! It’s best to do it at night, before bed so there’s time before you’ve eaten, but I’ve found that the morning has worked best for me during the week. When the girls are eating their breakfast, I set up my trays with the whitening gel and pop them in and toss the case into my purse. Once I get to work, I’ll brush my teeth and go on about my day. I can see a difference with each treatment and love that my teeth are getting back to their natural whiteness. I wear the trays for about 45-90 minutes and have yet to experience any teeth sensitivity. There’s plenty of gel in each whitening syringe and I get a few applications from just one. The entire kit comes with everything you need and plenty of material. I have enough whitening treatments to last several months so I can continue with the whitening or just touch up as needed. If you’ve thought about whitening your teeth, I would highly recommend checking out Smile Brilliant! I’ve had a great experience with their product, customer service, and my results. I love how easy and convenient the entire process has been for me.

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FTC: Smile Brilliant provided the whitening kit to me for consideration. All thoughts are of my own and true, based on my experience using their product.

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