Thursday, January 12, 2017

Best Beauty Purchases 2016

Morning! Some of my favorite posts to read at this time of the year is people’s favorite posts, best of, or recaps. I just love looking back and seeing all the good and positive from one year and heading into the new year with hope and happiness. Another favorite post of mine to share and to read from other’s are their favorite beauty products! When I initially went to write this post, I didn’t think I had too much to share, but then when I reviewed my Instagram and published posts- I had a lot! I was pretty successful in the beauty product department for 2016 and didn’t really have any stinkers, but today I’m sharing just my absolute favorites of the year with you!

 photo 525969D3-732C-4A71-BB96-5BF9A4FD282C_zpsfc715yt7.jpg

These products I’ve used over and over again and will absolutely repurchase them when I run out (some of them I already have!). Below are the pics I had on hand and had shared previously, so there's also some items that I didn't include in this list. Not because I don't like them or have buyer's remorse, but I wanted to focus on the must-haves in my beauty bag! So, here are my top products from 2016!

 photo 2DAA29E7-2D54-4193-96B7-83ED0C81D1C6_zpsymi6td0n.jpg photo EAEFFF2D-ADD9-4BDF-91A8-B77FE95757D6_zpsrp9qjfqm.jpg

So I used to use individual MAC Shadows every single day of my life for years, I have my three favorites (Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, and Satin Taupe) and thought I would use them every day until I died. Honestly, I still love them, but I don’t even remember when I used them last. I’ve been pretty much living in these two palette this past year. The MAC Warm Palette is so versatile, I just love their shadows! The Tarte Tease Palette I keep in my makeup bag and use it all the time. The shadows blend so well!

 photo 78039F07-2946-4FFF-B2AC-CBF679912973_zpsbk2t4zea.jpg
Hello life changer here! I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t use a primer before mascara, I’m so used to it now! It makes your lashes look so full and long, no amount of coats could give you the same look of mascara alone. I tried skipping this step recently just to see if I'm over exaggerating and nope, it's the real deal. Lash gold I tell ya!

 photo D1C5F593-6BD0-4FDF-ADBA-AB981F272EFA_zpscjmah824.jpg
 photo 77B69A61-F07E-4CEA-8E8E-2CBEEBD78267_zps9deyf1zm.jpg

This is one of my fave lipsticks (along with Hue and Crème Cup), it’s the perfect nude with a hint of pink and goes with everything! Pure Zen is on the left (shown with Creme D'Nude) and I absolutely love this lip color! Perfect for every day and pairs perfectly with a smoky eye. I bought a few bright colors this past year (like 7!) and this one has to be my favorite of the bunch, plus I love the formula.

 photo F04CD73E-CD86-4C1C-A930-27248A7DE951_zpszwhebmvq.jpg

Hands down, Springsteen is my favorite blush ever, it even took over my beloved MAC Warm Soul. It’s the perfect balance between peach and pink and I love that I can layer it for the right look. Shown next to Dolllymix.

 photo E669C520-B0F1-477C-AF16-D350F3E903BB_zpsmjedlnsi.jpg

These sponges are my absolute favorite! They blend like a dream and have really stepped up my foundation and concealer game.

 photo 215720D5-268C-4192-B68C-5D0CB3D2A6C4_zpssculytk0.jpeg photo 9814867A-BB67-4938-8590-016E8B141ECF_zps7aehgvxu.jpg photo 0318ED1E-B608-4252-8C99-3AD6FF7382FB_zpsquqwyatg.jpg

These three colors are such a great addition to my collection. Penny Talk is just gorgeous and I don’t think I’ve ever received so many compliments on a nail color before! Let’s Chalk About it is the perfect white with just a whisper of pink to it, and Too Yacht To Handle is such a fun, bold color!

There it is, my top beauty purchases! It was SO hard to narrow it down to these ten items. Finding ten wasn't intentional, but I'm glad it's a good even number. There were so many great beauty products and, like I said I really didn't get any duds. I chose these ten because they're products I really couldn't do without. The ones I reach for again and again.

What were your favorite beauty products this past year? What should I add to my cart this year?


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