Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Baby 2 Bumpdate: Week 35

For reals, I have 4 weeks until baby arrives. That's one month, where I have parties and family events every.single.weekend. We have everything to decorate the nursery, but we still have lots to do. Like paint it, then use the items we have to actually decorate it. LOL. I'm not worried so much about getting that stuff done, once it's painted putting things on the walls will just take an afternoon. I need to find our newborn insert for the carseat, wash our newborn clothes, sanitize my pump parts and bottles, and get out our swing/bouncer, etc. Looks like I have some things to do during the work week and can't keep tossing everything to the weekends. Oh, did I mention I'm hosting my sister's bridal shower this month too? NBD.

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This past week I had a Dr appointment and things are looking great! We are both healthy and on track for where we should be in the pregnancy. Here are the latest updates for the past two weeks (since I missed Bumpdate Week 34 last week).

-I'll definitely be having another c-section and we scheduled baby 2's birth day! I'm so excited and it's definitely one plus of having a c-section to be able to plan around a specific date and time. Matt and I can arrange everything for work, care for Ellie, let our families know, etc.

- I've gained 15 pounds so far. When I looked at my Bumpdate this week for Ellie, I had gained 21lbs already so I'm surprised I'm "behind" this time. I'm not doing anything different than before, so I'm not sure why my weight isn't closer to last time. I also noticed that my arms and face were puffier with Ellie and not so this time, thank goodness- I already have a full face as it is!

- The Dr also thinks that this baby is smaller than Ellie was (which could be why I haven't gained as much?), Ellie was born over 8 pounds and he is estimated this baby to be 7 lbs and change. He said a lot can happen in a month, but doesn't predict she'll hit 8lbs. We shall see soon enough.

- She has been moving so much lately, it's more pressure against my belly and stretching that feels like she's doing the splits or putting each arm straight out. Sometimes it can be pretty uncomfortable with the pressure she's putting against me when she's stretching. I've noticed she does this more than just kicking now, probably because she doesn't have enough room.

- It's been pretty hot and humid here lately and I had to take my rings off a few days ago. I think now that our humidity has died off, my rings will probably fit again, but I'm afraid that if I wear them, my fingers will swell and they will have to be cut off which I would absolutely hate.

-Speaking of the heat, it's been terrible! I've been so lucky this summer that it hasn't been that hot. I barely made it through May with Eleanor and thought I'd be dead by now with an August due date. On Friday, I felt so sick when I got home from the heat and the movement from the baby. We had the ac blasting and the fan going, but I was miserable. It's been better the past few nights and I hope I'll survive July!

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- Lately I've been craving an Icee and the hot and spicy chicken sandwich from McDonalds. Like having them for lunch almost daily. I've never even had the chicken sandwich until I was pregnant, I'm not sure what made me order it, but now it's a must have. I've also been craving Swedish Fish, watermelon, and lemonade. 

-I've grown so much in the last 2-3 days and I"m at the point where I'm short of breath, my body aches at the end of the day, and doing simple things can be a struggle. At least it's only this last month and not for longer! Maybe it will just be these few days? Here's to wishful thinking.

Hope you're having a great day! Thanks for reading and following along!
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