Monday, July 20, 2015

Our Weekend Shenanigans

This past weekend was a busy one!! Matt and I worked from sun up til sun down and got so much stuff done. We have some extra busy weeks coming up and we took advantage of this weekend to get a lot done.

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My work threw a surprise baby shower for me on Friday a little early before I start my leave and others go on vacation. It was so sweet and I really enjoy working with my team. I've been so lucky to work for such a great company and have always worked with some amazing people. Thanks again guys!

Matt and I both worked Saturday, so my sister and her fiance came up from San Diego to take her to swim class and a family party. They had so much fun together and Ellie was so excited to see them. After the party she stayed the night with Nana and Papa so Matt and I could have a date night and continue to work on things around the house for the new baby and my sister's bridal shower I'm hosting this weekend.

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After work, I got to crafting and made 63 tissue pom poms (which I never want to do again, total cost: $4!) and some other things for the party. This continued all through Sunday too, luckily I still have finger tips! They weren't completely burned off from a hot glue gun- winning!

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Once Matt got home from the event he was working, we went out to dinner. Of course we went to our favorite place, where we first met- Outback Steakhouse. We planned on going out for ice cream afterwards, but we were so stuffed and Matt knew the manager and he gave us the most delicious dessert! A salted caramel pretzel cookie topped with ice cream. Yummy!

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Sunday started bright and early! I woke up about 630 and started to tape off the nursery for Matt to paint. We ran errands, cleaned the house, did lawn work, crafted, etc. It was one of those days that feel like you did so much, Matt and I high-fived each other at the end of the day. We still have a lot to do for the nursery and the shower, but I think we'll get it all done easily.

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Our only break was for some lunch, a good hearty sandwich was the perfect thing for our long day. It was so good I'm thinking of getting more for lunch today! After lunch, Matt went out and worked on our yard. We've had such a terrible drought this year and right after he came in, it started pouring rain! Thank goodness his timing was perfect and our lawn really needed the extra water.

When Ellie came home, she had been sick all day at Nana and Papa's with a fever and had been sleeping most of the day. When she was home her fever started to go down and she was willing to eat some fruit and popsicles. Once her fever was gone, you never would have known she didn't feel good. She had dinner, was jumping on the couch, and singing, and couldn't stop telling us about her weekend. She had a great time with all of the family. Last night was a bit rough for her, but her fever never came back- thank goodness!

Hope you had a great weekend too! Sorry for the lack of posts the last two weeks, I have some great posts coming up, and I hope to get them all posted in the next 2 weeks. Happy Monday!
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