Wednesday, August 1, 2012

She Wears Short Shorts

Bright shorts are just as hot for summer as colored denim has been. I’ve bought one pair from Target, and they have been a staple all season long so far. I legit wear them all the time. They’re so fun to wear and is my go-to look for dressing up or down. I want to add more and more colors to my closet, they're just so easy to wear.

You can sport your bright shorts in the same way you wear colored denim (check out my post for that here), with neutrals, other colors, monochromatic, with statement pieces, etc. You can dress them up with blouses, belts, and wedges or just throw on a tank and head out the door. They're a no-brainer.

Here are some of my favorite looks on celebs:

Here are some of my picks for shorts:

Have you been wearing colored shorts? What colors are your favorite? 
I'd really like to add the lavender and green pair above, such gorgeous shades!

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