Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Product Review: Maybelline Lots of Lashes Mascara

If I were deserted on a desert island and could only bring one beauty item with me, it would hands down be mascara. Now, many of you know that in the last year I've been a bit of a mascara slut and have shopped around different mascaras trying to find one that has it all. You know, makes my lashes super lush, thickens, and lengthens. I've come to the realization that it's a dream that's never going to happen. Which is why I've used two mascaras since junior high. I've always used a thickening one and a lengthening one. My holy grail product used to be the original Maybelline Great Lash, but then this puppy was born. Enter my new holy grail mascara, Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes:


If I had sound on this post, it would go "Aaaaaaa" with a glowing light behind it.

It's the same great formula as the Great Lash, but with a new and improved brush that's the bomb.com. See below via Clumps of Mascara:

This brush isn't cone shaped all the way around, but indents in the middle, making a slight V shape. 

Wowza. If I use only one mascara by itself, I always use this one. I love to pair it on top of a voluminous mascara, because it really extends your lashes, making them appear extra long. It makes lashes very separated and kind of poky at the ends, which I really like. The tip is awesome for inner corners and separation too. The BEST part of this brush is how well it coats your bottom lashes. I use a back and forth method- not wiggling it back and forth while I coat each lash and simultaneously going down the lash, but literally back an forth.THEN I go down each lash while wiggling it, then use the end to separate. Does that make sense? Yes, no? Idk, but it's awesome.

I'm telling you ladies, this method paired with this brush is KILLER. If you use this mascara only for your bottom lashes, you're in the gold! No joke, I've had 3 people in one week stop and ask me what mascara I use for my bottom lash.

You also don't need to apply a lot of coats to get a great look. Two coats and your out the door (or one coat paired with one coat of another type). It's also light weight and still keeps your lashes feeling fluffy and not dry and cakey. The only bad thing I can even say about this mascara is that at the end of the day it does flake a bit. Bummer, but I can live with it.

Did you know that Great Lash has like a little family of different brushes? I seriously want to snag them all and text them out! Especially this Big version, it looks pretty great.

What mascaras do you use? Do you do what I do and use a combo? Have you tried this Lots of Lashes?
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