Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dreamlover Come Rescue Me...

What was your first tape? Or CD? Or for you young guns ITunes download?

I remember mine like it was yesterday. It was Christmas morning, 1993 and Santa brought me a boombox with both Mariah Carey's and Whitney Houston's above albums. Although, it wasn't really Whitney's album, it was a soundtrack. Whatever, details. Yes, I had been a very good girl that year.

Wait. What? You don't know what a boombox is? Oh, well before Ipods and IPhones, this is what us grandmas used:

I kid you not.

Anyways, I wore those tapes out! Hits like Dreamlover and Hero paired with I Will Always Love You and Run to You, they're songs girls everywhere sang into their hair brushes while wearing plaid shirts and cutoff shorts. These songs were on repeat all the time. By repeat I mean I would literally have to push Play > Rewind > Play > Rewind and hope I didn't go too far back (times were tough). I bet I have them somewhere tucked away in the garage.  

I'm such a huge fans of these women to this day. Mariah may be a bit goofy, but boy that chick can sing! I own all of her albums and Dreamlover is still one of my favorite songs. I can't wait to see her on American Idol-  Paula Abdul 2.0?

Want to know something crazy? To this day, I remember every single word to these albums (I've updated to ITunes for these classics). Isn't it nuts how you will hear a song you haven't heard in years and still remember every beat?

So, tell me, what was your first album? Which was your favorite song?
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