Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vlog: How-to Tease Your Hair

Ok ladies, here's all the tips you need for teasing your hair! I put it in this video and I hope you can all walk away from it with giant, voluminous hair.

First things first, you want to use a comb or brush that you're comfortable with. Like I said in the video, I use a hair pick, but you may find a comb, or brush easier to use.

Then, you want to start mid shaft and comb down towards your roots.

For more volume (for say an up-do) focus your teasing on your roots with a small tooth comb, then switch to a pick to focus body on the middle section of your hair.

Most importantly, remember to smooth out the top of your hair! You NEVER want to have an obvious nest.

Also, you don't want any gaps in your hair, so be sure to do a full 360 to check for evenness.

So there you have, it's seriously so easy. Practice makes perfect!

To see how I curl my hair, see this vlog. Oh, and for loose curls check out this one.

Now ladies, go off and pouf! Let me know if you have any questions and I'd love to hear about your new big hair experiments!
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