Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Product Review: Hollywood Fashion Secrets

The peeps over at Hollywood Fashion Secrets contacted me about doing a review for some of their products, and having used some of their goodies in the past, I hopped right on board to try more. They sent me out a few items and I wanted to share with you guys how great they are!

The first product I tried out was their Hollywood Fashion Tape which is a life saver. In college I used to wear hoochie mama outfits (one of which was deemed my K.Lo dress, thank goodness I've grown up a bit) and would have to use double sided tape to keep my goodies covered. Have you ever tried it? Um, no. After dancing and sweating, the tape wears off and is useless. Where the H was this tape??

I tested it for a night out with my friends and we danced all night long in the corner table next to the dj. We were sweating and gross from all the heat and this tape didn't poop out! I used it to keep my shirt from falling off my shoulder, it had a wide neck, but not wide enough to actually wear off my shoulder, and this tape kept it perfectly in place, despite my wild dance moves. I was shocked, I'm definitely taking this tape on all future Vegas trips and I may just be busting out some of my college oldies soon. Seriously, this stuff is the bomb. Buy it, no amount of double sided tape could even compare to this gem. Oh and also?, it didn't even hurt when I took it off!! Total score, I couldn't be happier with the product.

Boot Straps, ok, this is one product I didn't even know existed! I hate having to be restricted to wearing only skinnies with boots, and I have tucked my boot-cut jeans into my socks to keep them together, but then I just stretch out my socks. Lose-lose. Um, in walk these guys and situation settled. It was a bit awkward in getting them situated, but they totally did the trick. Now I'm rocking my all my jeans tucked into my boots. Go me!

You can find either of these babies, plus lots of other great items, on their site and they are available at different shops (which you can find near you on their site)

Have you tried their products before? What did you try and what was your experience? I've used their petals before and was equally happy with them as I am with these.

FTC Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post written by me. All opinions are based on my own experience using the product and are 100% mine.
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