Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Product Review/MAC Dupe: e.l.f. Studio Blush in Pink Passion

e.l.f. Studio Blush in Pink Passion $3

A few weeks ago I was browsing Target, checking out their e.l.f. section and came across this little gem. It instantly reminded me of my favorite MAC Pink Swoon blush (see my review here) and quickly swooped it up. For $3, why not give it a shot??

From the site, the blush promises to give a "soft sheer texture blends into the skin for a silky finish Designed to be worn alone or layered for more depth." I think it's definitely a dupe for MAC's Pink Swoon, the colors are so similar as is the texture. The blush is very sheer and easy to layer for a stronger color. I would say the only difference is that the e.l.f. Pink Passion goes on a stronger shade of pink than MACs. You do not need a lot to start, it is pretty bright and it's better to add more than have too much. It also lasted my work day which I was worried about, I half-expected it to wear off by lunchtime. I also love the package, very similar to NARS packaging and comes with a small mirror on the lid.

I'm really happy with this purchase (especiall the price tag!) and plan on re-purchasing in the future. I also want to try other shades, I have my eye on Candid Coral next. I've had great experiences so far with e.l.f. cosmetics (see my reviews here) and I hope that Target starts to carry more of their items.

Have you tried e.l.f. yet? What's your favorite product? Have you tried MAC Pink Swoon? What has your experience been?


KatiePerk said...

I really like elf cosmetics too.
They have a really good bronzer/blush duo that is very similar to NARS Laguna/Org.

Coley said...

That's a fab dupe - esp. for $3!

Danielle said...

I swear by elf. I keep their pallets jn my gym bag so I don't have to take all my makeup daily

Their website often have free shipping codes and tons tons tons of products!

Katie said...

I've tried some of elf's eyeshadows, and they were pretty good! I have one of their brush sets-- the bristles are so soft and i love them, but i've had to re-glue the handle to the brush head on several. But for a fraction of the price, elf is hard to beat.

Ashley said...

I LOVE cheap makeup!!! I need to go and buy this to try it out!!! It looks great on you! I LOVE pink cheeks!!!!!

Andrea Stevenson said...

Love e.l.f. Such good bargains! I have their eyeshadow, and it's one of my favs:) Your blog is great! New follower:)


Chelsea Mac said...

You should also give MAC's Dame a try...Fabulous color! MAC does color so well!

- Chelsea @ Haute Child in the City (www.hautechildinthecity.com)

Anonymous said...

ohhhh i was so excited to see elf products at target. i went on a huge haul recently for them. i got two eyeliners, a concealer, two blushes, two lip stains, and a lip gloss. the blushes...I LOVE.

the blushes i bought were:

pink passion: love it...looks great just like urs does!!!

fushia fusion: love this too...very shimmery. im not a fan of much shimmer, but this is adorable. it is comparable to nars "angelika". which i also have (bought before elf brand).

the eyeliners i bought were plum/purple, smoke/black. these are eyeliners/shadow sticks. i love them!

i didnt care too much for the other products. the lip stains are not great (in my opinion), nor is the concealer and lip gloss. but who cares for all less than $3 each!

Anonymous said...

i've been wanting to try that Mac blush you blogged about, but maybe i'll try this version first!

The Lambert's said...

I've tried elf eyeshadow and liked it alot. Gonna have to try the blush next. I did purchase the MAC pink swoon blush in addition some lipgloss and they look so great together for spring/summer! Thanks for the review! :)

Jules said...

I love the E.L.F. Studio Line of blushes and I’m hoping my Target starts carrying more. I have this in Candid Coral and love it. The pigmentation on the one you got sounds great and I am always a fan of a blush that can be layered. I’ll definitely be looking for this one. Thanks for the review!

My favorite MAC blush is Pinch O'Peach, but it's more of a pink. It's a sheertone blush and I love it.

This overall face of the day looks great. Your skin is beautiful!

Kristen said...

KatiePerk- I've seen that duo, but haven't bought it. It's on my list now though!

Danielle- yes their site is very user-friendly!

Katie- I have their brushes w the white handle and hate them. I've heard great things about their brushes with black handles so I'm going to give them a try.

Ashley- Thanks love! Pink cheeks are my faves

Andrea- Welcome! Thank you for reading!

Chelsea- I've heard a love about MAC's Dame, I'm def going to try it.

Megan- I'll have to try that blush, I'm putting i on my list. I like their minty lip glosses, you just don't get much on the tip so you have to apply like 15 times. I wanted to try the lip stains, but didn't buy them bc i wasn't sure about their color.

The Lambert's- Thanks love! I still swear by pink swoon, it's by far my fave pink blush.

Jules- You are absolutely the sweetest! Thank you so much! I love coral blush too and wanted one for spring, i'm def goig to buy that color next!

wow. now i have 3 new blushes to buy. Thanks ladies!!