Thursday, September 8, 2016

OOTD for the Kids: What I'm Packing!

I've started packing for our upcoming family trip and put together a few outfits for the girls using my Labor Day Sales  and some recent purchases and I'm so excited! The girls have the cutest clothes and I'm so looking forward to cooler temps so they can wear these sweet looks! I also wish I had a few of them in my size too!

 photo 869E123B-B133-4326-B729-8B83CE3A501C_zpsndyy6zzh.jpg

 photo A6B75932-B30A-495E-A754-B60920CF3CB8_zpso7bby0th.jpg

 photo 102E1C61-0FB9-47B0-9BA5-3E966200B7D6_zpsdjkbp7pq.jpg

Sandals // Dress // Bow

 photo 60FE024E-1CE8-42CC-A51F-6F9B7B914F0E_zpsyygsli6o.jpg

Bow // Tank // Bloomers

 photo 91112C48-AC18-4C96-B5D8-F83ED5A303FC_zpscwidanme.jpg

Moccs // Jeans // Cardi (similar) // Bow

 photo 66D83500-33DB-45D9-ADB6-8F29D782A394_zpsoocj681i.jpg

Bow // Kitten Top // Skinnies // Shoes

 photo 13EAE62B-358A-4793-B62B-74ADD707E624_zpszmpxw7lo.jpeg

This is our first family vacation for the four of us and we'll be gone for just less than two weeks and I'm going back and forth on overpacking for them or under packing but doing wash while I'm there. Right now, Emma is overpacked currently and I'm still packing for Ellie. Packing for a family trip is no joke! I don't know how so many people do it all the time!! I still need to pack for myself!

What are some of your packing tips? I usually make a list and double, triple check it, but that's my only tip!
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