Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Our Washington State Trip Recap Part 2

Hello! Welcome back to the second part of our vacation recap, did you miss the first part yesterday? Check it out if you want to see all of our Seattle activities.

To pick up right where we left off (after Pike Place Market) The next day we did a bit of laundry, packed our bags, went outlet shopping, and swimming. It was a nice relaxing day before we headed out on our drive to Spokane. For the drive, we picked up Matt’s Dad who flew in early to spend time with his sister. We made a few stops for pictures, Honeycrisp apples, lunch and enjoyed the scenery. Once we got to Matt’s other aunt (his Mom’s sister) we unpacked, freshened up, and headed out to the rehearsal dinner at a nearby restaurant. The rest of his family trickled in on different flights, and everyone was there by midnight. Friday morning started bright and early with a homemade breakfast, a Costco run, some small errands and then we headed to the park to celebrate a cousin’s birthday with a big family soccer game. It was so fun to watch everyone play on the field, kids of all ages and parents all got in on the fun. I loved watching Matt on the field, he scored two goals! After the game we headed back to his aunt’s for a BBQ and to hang around the fire pit.

 photo 8483FD51-6471-404E-A426-B95436860E22_zpsjaai5ste.jpg
 photo E5668000-A500-4D7D-93DD-6F5465A1846C_zpscsfe4rqr.jpg photo 662D0E2B-DF7A-4C30-B2F3-2E3B813D8457_zpsbjguk1w8.jpg photo 79A4EB2F-38D0-434F-A68F-8C12CAA2ABC8_zps0eiq2lou.jpg

Saturday came and it was the big day! It had been in the 80s and sunny all week long and was nearly a torrential down pour all day!! We hadn’t planned on having it rain so I didn’t have anything for the girls besides a light cardigan over their dresses. We grabbed some leggings and umbrellas and had an absolutely great time! The wedding location was on his cousin’s grandparent’s farm and it was breathtaking. Gorgeous trees and fields and they were the cutest couple, the ceremony was so sweet and it was the only time it didn’t rain the entire day. The wedding was so much fun and completely swoon worthy! Everything was beautiful, especially the bride, and I can't wait to see all of their pictures.

 photo 006B9866-240F-43C1-B70F-334C8351C345_zpspngj4emt.jpg photo 696DE674-4629-4B88-B96C-68366816BEA5_zpsanhhnje6.jpg photo 87075C82-DF4B-49F1-968D-D7312DCFDCAC_zpsgtnmk9t5.jpg photo 807A85FB-8921-4BCA-B750-1E52408AADB1_zpsopxac2yi.jpg

On Sunday we headed out to Cabela's for the guys and Ellie did some range shooting with Matt. She was so funny to watch! She would tell Matt what she wanted to shoot, he'd set her up and she'd shoot it out, hitting almost every target. After our shopping stop, we went over to Idaho to visit Coeur d'Alene to walk around, have lunch, and check out the sites. It was also gorgeous and super green, something I definitely miss now that we're back in CA with our smog. We had the best mac & cheese at a restaurant there, I wish I remembered the name it was probably the best I've ever had! So yummy! The last couple of pics is from a winery by Matt's aunt we visited with his sisters so they could try the local wine (I don't drink), it was gorgeous and we enjoyed some outdoor music and loved the scenery.

 photo 834AE9F4-D366-48D7-A472-BF347AC43D3B_zpsrynrg93l.jpg photo 1AADFC25-E018-42F9-87E2-5799B27C874C_zpsizhccjev.jpg photo BCC79CAA-D643-4ED1-BE6A-6E258202C78D_zps2nnfahj2.jpg photo 3674A6E2-B2B3-47A1-BFE4-824D053A3BB3_zps1kilhf1z.jpg photo A388D731-B1DA-4BB4-AA54-80FAC4687B13_zpshcobjtmi.jpg photo D4ED8DD3-2F74-4A78-996A-E595BFD973FF_zpsfn2ymngp.jpg photo 77C07FA4-DFA7-4734-A575-2BB6855E0419_zpscxmw42h6.jpg photo 47D4A674-6907-4AAD-8CDD-5D90A400B577_zpsaxqg6uy0.jpg photo AF0D3768-97A7-4C8F-8993-A278C5EDCBBA_zpsmr6xkfeg.jpg

On our last day in town, we went to Riverfront Park for lunch and to check out their giant Radio Flyer slide. Matt remembers going there when he was young and visiting and I'm so glad we were able to take the girls. Ellie went down by herself as fast as she could get back up after coming down and Matt and I each took Emma down. They had the biggest grins and laughed and laughed. We walked around and went on the fasted carousel I've ever been on, that thing literally flew!! It was the perfect ending to a fantastic trip!

 photo 249D4D86-9C98-4B08-A72E-1C69EE45C274_zpst7hqrs9u.jpg photo 4AF0A725-F233-4CD2-A468-D3200B8ED49C_zps04hfwlwh.jpg photo C1FEC5FB-7A05-496B-8659-C58B308C4A1B_zpsm0htdevo.jpg photo 6468A3FD-D7A3-4B2A-9258-E4917005AE4D_zpsm3keo0tm.jpg photo 9967C61C-5188-4CFC-B074-AC2D4D8DF9D4_zpsv8wruugi.jpg

I've said it so many times already, but this was an awesome trip! It was the first as a family of four and I'm glad it went well so we'll plan more. The girls did great on the plane rides, Emma had a hard time coming home, she just couldn't sleep and was a total wiggle worm. We thought since we were on such a late flight both of the girls would just pass out, but we were wrong! Our morning flights heading there were much better so we'll plan to fly early on any future trips.

I'm so thankful we were able to take this vacation and visit so many family members. I loved seeing everyone and getting together. Seeing the girls with my cousin's kids and all of them being only months apart was incredible! I grew up with a lot of cousins and the majority of us are all close in age. Watching the girls play with the kids, our aunts and uncles, and my own cousins was so special. It really made us think about moving out of state and what it would be like to live elsewhere. Everything was so green and beautiful, the food was good (I would definitely miss Mexican food though!), and I really miss our families a lot. We can't wait to go back and visit again, hopefully sooner rather than later.
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