Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What's in my Diaper Bag with Huggies!

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With Ellie, I packed everything in our diaper bag. If I thought I could maybe, possibly, use it, I stuck it in our diaper bag. Over the last two years, I've learned so much and now with a new little one, I have packing our diaper bag down to a T.

I've learned to really just pack the basics, which could be tucked into a tote bag or large purse, and head out the door. If we're going to be gone for a long time, I'll pack an additional bag to leave in the car- items like jammies, change of shoes, extra diapers and wipes. Wanna see what I have in my diaper bag?

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1. Clothing
I always pack a change of clothes for the girls, one set for Ellie and two sets for Emma. I always make sure we have socks, in case something happens to theirs, it gets cold, or as an extra layer under jammies. I also always pack a soft swaddle blanket which serves so many purposes. It's nice to cover up the girls, as an extra layer, to swaddle, to use as a nursing cover in a pinch, or to lay on the ground to let Emma play on.

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2. Toys
Depending on your child's age, I pack 1-2 small items to entertain them while we're out. Emma is in love with this elephant and it goes with us everywhere! Other good items to bring are rattles and teethers. If you're child takes a paci, always pack an extra two! Emma won't really take one, but we couldn't carry enough for Ellie when she was young.

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3. Diapers and Wipes
The good stuff- diapers, wipes, and rash cream! A good rule of thumb for little babies is one diaper for every two hours you're gone. I have yet to really use this many diapers on a trip, but you just never know! It's better to have too many than too little. My biggest advice it to bring extra wipes! We use two wipes holders, one with our changing mat and one we keep as a spare at the bottom of our bag. We run out of wipes faster than anything else since we use them for so much.

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Our diapers of choice from day one with both girls is Huggies. I've found that they fit the best from the very beginning, especially with their umbilical cord cutouts to help with healing. We had the least amount of blow outs and leaks with Huggies, and their wetness indicator is perfect to know when they need a change, especially when you're just adjusting to their feeding habits and establishing a routine.

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One time I had to call their customer service line and the representative I spoke with was so nice and friendly. I remember getting off the phone and telling my friends about their exceptional customer service. That call alone really cemented my loyalty to them, they are an awesome company with products that help keep my babies' skin soft and protected.

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Another mom tip I have is to buy your diapers in bulk! You go through them so quickly and I've priced them everywhere and I get mine at Sam's (along with popcorn, milk, and other yummy snacks). The girls love getting out of the house and trying samples, checking out their kid stuff, and we always get a snack on our way out. It's been a nice break while I was on maternity leave so sit and talk with Eleanor. What's awesome about being a member is that you can get store pick up or free shipping! Score!

What do you keep in your diaper bag? Any tricks or tips?

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