Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Christmas Weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday this past weekend- it's such a magical time (yes, I know how corny and cliche that sounds, but it's the truth!). We had an amazing Christmas and I'm really not ready for it to be over so quickly.

 photo 915BD0B1-78C7-4692-8B7B-A054FC06EEAF_zpsugzgxwlc.jpg

On Christmas Eve, I had to work a short day, then we headed over to Matt's parents' home to celebrate Christmas with his side. Santa came to visit and brought each child a gift to get the party started. Ellie was in total amazement and even gave Santa a kiss! It was really special and a lot of fun, it was the perfect start to the celebration.

 photo 5DE6B7C5-CBEB-463C-B581-D056E9560E23_zpsqezgln5k.jpg

I was so excited for the morning and couldn't wait for everyone to get up. I was up first, bright and early and the girls both slept in- I couldn't believe it! When Ellie came out of her room and saw her kitchen and gifts, her eyes just lit up and she had to wake up Emma to join us. We had a lazy morning and played with all her new goodies before getting ready and heading to my aunt's to celebrate with my side.

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Saturday morning we tried and failed to sleep in so we got to work on cleaning up the house, putting away Christmas gifts, and we even started taking down all of our decorations.We usually keep them up til after the new year, but since we had the time we thought it was best to take advantage of it. We headed back to my in-laws so they could watch the girls while Matt and I went on a date.

We haven't had dinner out and alone in months, I was still pregnant on our last dinner date! After dinner we thought about going back to Matt's parents place because we missed the kids, but decided to catch a movie instead. What we really wanted was to head back home and go to bed, but we'll sleep when we're dead. We watched The Big Short (we really enjoyed it!) and it was the first adult movie we've seen in theaters or even by ourselves since 2013! It was so nice to get away and have some time together. We really need to make it more of a priority to get away more often together.

Sunday we had breakfast and visited for a bit before coming home. The girls and I went to church and relaxed the rest of the day. It was really one of the best Christmases I've ever had and I'm so very thankful for our family. I loved the whole weekend and seeing everyone. Everything I've ever wanted in life I have and I'm so thankful for the blessings in our lives. I hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas and were able to spend time with your loved ones.


Jenn said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. I love relaxing Christmas mornings! We just spent our first Christmas at home in our own house, and it was so nice to not have to rush around! Happy Monday!

Lindsay @ LindsayInNYC said...

Love your matching outfits! Did you just happen to come across them?