Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#SpreadCheer with Betty Crocker + $20 Giveaway!

One of my favorite Christmas memories is my Grandmother's cookies. She made all different kinds, but my personal favorite were her sugar cookies. They were amazing! She would have to make hundreds and we'd all eat them all up so she would have to hide them from the family. It was always a hunt when we came over and we only found them twice- buried in the snow! She was an amazing cook and baker and her treats always made us feel special.

Baking and cookies are something I want to share with my kids and loved ones. Now that I'm back to work, it's so hard to try and squeeze everything in on the weekends and nights before bedtime. I'm loving that Betty Crocker is here to help me through the holidays. Her cookie bags are simple to follow, make delicious cookies, and her cream cheese frosting is to die for.

This season, you can help #spreadcheer with Betty's new campaign to share the holiday spirit with friends, loved ones, and neighbors. It's so simple and a great activity to do with your littles and help teach them the joy of giving!

1. Download your coupon and grab your goodies at your local stores

 photo 668BECD6-A46E-4820-9F04-2ADA3DC11D9A_zpsxoiyly6w.jpg

2. Start baking easy holiday treats with your little elves

 photo 96505744-17DE-40B7-877F-F4279E66C2C9_zpsqto62arl.jpg photo FA58596F-3C74-4542-8805-6BAECF0058AA_zpskyaky0je.jpg photo 80D28821-DB0A-4A08-902E-FE9ECD169402_zpsxtlugufx.jpg

3. While you wait for cookies to finish baking, take advantage of their free printables! They have coloring pages for the kids, gift tags for the cookies, and door signs for the goodies!

 photo 80A9648C-B30D-4FAC-A210-5CEAB2226410_zpsvfsy2xxv.jpg photo AB090BA3-D6F8-4D47-B03D-A97A8A021DF7_zpsy6fed6gj.jpg photo D3149006-B9D6-4721-8100-5612FEDE20DF_zpswmi9trxd.jpg

4. Once your cookies have cooled- get to decorating! I hope our neighbors like sprinkles...

 photo E41CBBF3-6FCB-4B76-B72D-FCA9BDD84EB5_zpsbrpap8w3.jpg photo 92FC0564-C8E9-4B4B-9F29-0FCF81BA1E58_zpsxdhredab.jpg photo 0753E206-C123-49CB-9EA9-150880C6D90D_zpszqor4iyq.jpg

5. Tie up your cookies with the gift tags and drop them to your neighbors!

 photo 7A173624-1944-4460-907F-FC08AB5AA721_zpsrrxezweb.jpg photo E50E7758-4962-4A6F-9476-065561F9116F_zpsuqb3wfif.jpg photo 8324DDEA-1C89-452A-B099-DCCBAB85C104_zpsxcpxwgtq.jpg photo 4CF87258-8DE7-453F-9A29-138434A94506_zpsp7h5jzz5.jpg

Our cookies turned out so good, we're baking them again this weekend! Can't beat a simple cookie mix, butter, and a single egg! It's so nice that these treats are so easy and quick to make. We had a great time baking and decorating them together and Ellie had so much fun delivering them to neighbors. The little boy above has been sick for a while and was ecstatic to have some treats! It was the sweetest moment, he couldn't believe they were his and it really brightened up his spirit.

Now for some fun and your chance to win $20 in PayPal Cash!!

Spread cheer with your family, snap a photo, then share it on your choice of social media with the hashtag #SpreadCheer and nominate two friends by tagging them to join in the fun! Come back and link to your share so I can check it out or tag me in your original post! I can't wait to see everyone's goodies!

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