Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Our Holiday & Weekend Recap

The holiday came and went so fast! I had planned on writing a big post filled with pictures and stories, but then we took like 2 pics that day. We charged up our DSLR camera, took it to Nana’s and didn’t get a single picture of anyone! It was such a fun Christmas and Ellie loved opening all her gifts, she wanted to play with each one that she opened until she opened the next one. She was absolutely spoiled this year by the family; dolls, strollers, books, Little People sets, and Frozen everything. We have to keep a few toys in their box for her to open and play with later (we usually keep a few put away and bring them out little by little over a few months) and I have a ton of cleaning and organizing to do in our playroom.

 photo 97141704-5744-48A1-914E-E3A0BA8766EE_zpsrlf87cdw.jpg

We didn’t get her a “big” gift this year because we couldn’t decide between a kids table (we’re looking at this one) and a kitchen set (we like this one and this one). I know she would enjoy both, but I didn’t want to get her too much so we decided we would get her some toys that would work for both and decide in the new year which she would enjoy most now and get the other item for her 2nd birthday. We gave her a ton of art supplies- Crayola Triangle Crayons, Gem Crayons, Paint Dabbers, Color Magic Markers & Notepad for her to use at a table and then Santa brought her some Sprouts Food Baskets (ours are from Costco and comes with a breakfast, lunch, and dinner basket) for a kitchen set. We figured we would see which she would get the most use of at this time to buy first. She uses a kitchen during free play at pre-school, but never uses the one at her Nana and Papa’s house, so I wanted to wait on it. She uses a table at both pre-school and her grandparents and I know that would always be good to have, but I have no idea where we would keep it and I have a place for the kitchen set in mind. So we’re waiting to see which we should get first.

 photo DA215D31-DA64-44DE-B10A-5D1E9EBC9093_zpsdrmdgat9.jpg
Our only family pic from the day. Toddler life is not for the weak.

We’ve been playing and playing with all of her Christmas gifts and I had to work both Friday and Saturday so we took the rest of the weekend easy. Saturday night Matt and I rented Maleficent and filled up our bellies with holiday treats and pork rinds (a rare indulgence for us). Sunday, Ellie and I were both kind of tuckered out so we mostly napped and watched a Tinkerbell movie on Netflix. We did make it out of the house for a quick Target run, which forced us to get dressed for the day (only to come home and get back into jammies). Ellie insisted on buckling her baby in the cart to keep her safe too. It was the cutest thing!

 photo 3CED4972-888F-4583-85F0-FE63E12B5C23_zpssisf9fqh.jpg photo BD48EB71-7352-4BBC-B479-1F278663BD2D_zpsseqo7alc.jpg

I’m very excited for New Year’s Eve this year, last year and the year before that I was sick. This year we’re having a few people over for dinner and dessert. We’re excited to have plans this year! Hope you all have a great week!
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