Tuesday, December 9, 2014

House to Home: Master Bedroom Reveal

There are certain times in your life that you truly feel like an adult. A real adult and not just a kid pretending to be grown up. Experiences like buying your first car, getting kitchen items (Mixing bowls that are dishwasher safe and stack well? Yes!), buying home goods (we need more throw pillows!), or getting furniture. The real kind. The kind that costs real money and lasts for decades.

Two weeks ago, I had that “Whoa, I’m thirty and buying legitimate furniture” moment. I’ve talked before about master bedroom inspirations and we talked about getting some in the new year. Since I was in the third grade, I’ve been using furniture that was handed down to me from my Great Grandmother. I love the furniture, they have a great shape with big deep drawers, and if Matt and I were using matching chests I would just refinish them and keep using them. I’m sick of our room and have been dreaming of giving it a makeover since we moved.

At first we were planning on just painting the room a soft white and we picked up some paint sample cards to narrow down our options. I had them taped up and after looking at them for almost a week we settled on three different shades that we would buy samples of and planned to paint in the next week. That little job would keep me happy until we were able to find furniture we liked.

Well…We had spent the night at Matt’s parents’ home and decided to go with them to look for a new couch for their home and ending up getting a whole new bedroom set and mattress! We went with the intention of helping them look at furniture and thought we’d look around to see what options are available and get an idea of what we liked. When we saw the set we had chosen, we just knew right away that it was perfect for what we were looking for! We didn’t have to debate about it or mull it over before we decided to make the set our own.

I’m glad we didn’t paint yet, because now we can choose a color based off our new furniture. I’m sure that any of the neutral colors we were looking at would still work, but I like being able to see how it will look against the furniture and lighting. There’s still lots to do and get before it will be “complete”, but I’m happy with our progress so far.

 photo f047c948-2315-4f62-80bf-bc4b4e6a826e_zpse21f8541.jpg photo F3364C6E-7E33-447E-89E8-97482BB9EFC8_zpscqqsn9iv.jpg photo 29F08564-BE04-4907-B3D1-2D7BA460979C_zpsd6noyyj7.jpg photo 1AD4C3DF-D5A3-4B80-9634-F9CEFD5E228E_zpsoog2pp7n.jpg photo 530CFB7E-CB47-45E4-BD86-AF8256D623DC_zps7pfu0rnt.jpg photo 0DD63B03-EA02-4C54-A4BD-6E61DF59F808_zps2ktysx9w.jpg photo 95E8FBD6-673D-4C1D-8F56-4F7754B6BBE8_zpswbjs7mt6.jpg photo 9EAE26CE-8550-4633-9F7A-288C4E3251EC_zpsqtpcyzh3.jpg photo 1E1CD637-6610-4810-BBB5-67226405B874_zpsr54cjmij.jpg photo af8bbbf6-7255-427a-bf79-b94c5824e1af_zps1f64ac20.jpg
Bedroom Furniture // Large Mirrored Frame // Small Mirrored Frame // Silver Frame // Crystal Ring Holder // 3 Mirror Set (from Kohls, unavailable online similar here and here) // Sheets // Bedding

 photo 9EA594E5-8FA4-483E-929F-E04EFD72F2BF_zpslwaezxwm.jpg

Here's a close up of the colors we're leaning towards. We're gonna pick up some samples and see how they look over the existing paint color and in the different lights of day.

Here are some items I’m still looking to get:

- Something to put above our headboard
I’m thinking a large mirror, but that might be too much with the mirror items above the dresser. My cousin gave me a vintage window pane I thought about putting above, but it’s much larger than I had anticipated and I’m going to put it downstairs instead now. Right now I’m just on the hunt for something and I have an idea that I’ll know it when I see it. Until then, any suggestions?

- An area rug
I love the look of a rug coming from under the bed, it really opens up the room and adds some color. I'll have to test it out because I don't want it to be distracting or too busy.

- Lamps
I’m torn between long skinny silver lamps or clear lamps. I like the look of both and I keep switching between which kind I prefer. I also love the look of mercury glass too. There’s so many choices! I love this, this, and this one.

- Bench
There are so many cute options available for benches at great prices. I think it would be nice to find one that doubles as a storage for extra sheets/bedding. I love this tufted one and this storage one.

- TV Mount
We’re ordering a mount right now so I can’t wait to get that puppy up on the wall. It’s going to look so good.

- Drapes
Here another item I’m kind of dreading buying. When we bought the soft blue ones for the living room, we had bought a few different ones before we found the right ones. I think it would be nice to go with a white, gray, or a pattern. I have no idea and I haven’t even started looking at any yet.They're definitely a priority, but I'm procrastinating in getting it started.

There's our room for now! I love our new furniture and am so happy with our purchase. There's so much more space and I love the look of the furniture. The color and style are exactly what I wanted. One of my favorite details is the jewelry drawer with a tray on the top. It's already getting lots of use and I love having somewhere lined to keep them.

Any suggestions, please leave them below! We have a lot to do before the room is "finished".
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