Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Tried It: Flat Iron Curls

***Be Prepared, this week is going to be all about hair!***
So some of you longtime readers may remember way back when I posted about how I wanted to learn how to curl my hair using a flat iron. Well, I've finally learned how thanks to Steph from Hair and Make-up. She's the bomb. She has a TON of tutorials that are super easy to follow and tips on each post to make sure you're doing it right or how to do it easier.

Now, I'm sharing pics with you from my first time doing it, and I'm not a pro by any means. Oh, and I'm also in my bathrobe.

I curl my hair nearly every single day (you can see how here, here and here), but lately I've been sick of my hair looking the same all the time. Granted, there's not a huge difference from my loose curls, but enough of one to keep me happy. Plus, it's a new skill I learned.

The curls lasted all day long and looked good even when I was going to bed. It takes me a little bit longer to curl it this way versus using a regular curling iron. Now, I would share with you how-to or tips, but I'd pretty much just be copy and pasting Steph's entire post. I have nothing new to share with you that she didn't cover so head over to her if you're interested in learning how.

How do you curl your hair? What way to you prefer?
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