Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter OOTD and Re-Cap

Nordstrom Rack Colored Denim, Nordstrom BP sunnies, F21 Ruffle Top/Necklace, Dolce Vita Sandals, Michael Kors Watch, Derng Bracelet, Essie Pink Parka on my toes

I thought I'd wear the brightest colors I could and I think it went well. I've actually been dying to wear these two pieces together for a while now and thought Easter would be perfect. No one of my family was surprised by my shockingly bright color combo.

Our Easter was fabulous! Matt and I had a great time spending the day with our families. I wish the day could have lasted longer. The weather was perfect and the food was yummy.

As most of you know, I'm only good for drinks, appetizers, and desserts. After my Easter Treats post, here's what I made:

Chocolate Dipped Peeps
The chocolate gives Peeps a total makeover. Delicious! The extra sprinkles add some crunch too. I think I'll make these every year, they're just so easy!

Colored Devilled Eggs
After you cut the boiled eggs in half, rinse the white part and dip into a cup with food coloring. I didn't add any vinegar, just added dye (I used the dye that comes in egg coloring kits) to warm water. So stinking simple and can totally be done for any theme or holiday. I plan on dying all future devilled eggs.

Caramel Apple Nachos
Umm, these were so good I had to make two batches and they still weren't enough! Sliced apples, caramel sauce (organic or natural is best because it's thinner and tastes delicious, I just used Trader Joe brand), and any toppings you like for a caramel apple (I used Heath baking bits, but Oreos, chopped nuts, chocolate drizzle, etc would all be delicious).

Oh, and did I mention I saw the creepiest Easter bunny ever at Albertson's? I wanted to tell the kid sit up straight to avoid the horror movie effect to his already terrifying costume.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and their Easter holiday. How did you spend the weekend? What treats did you make?
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