Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Product Review: NARS Illuminator in Super Orgasm

This product has been on my radar for a while now, the Orgasm and Super Orgasm collection from NARS is just beautiful. It's a perfect combination of pink, peach, and gold shimmer. I always check out the collection every time I walk into Sephora. I finally bit the bullet a few weeks ago.

The Illuminators (also available in Copacabana, Laguna, Orgasm, and Super Orgasm) are multifunctional and meant to work as a blush, bronzer, or highlighter (depending on the color you buy).

- Seriously multifunctional! You can wear them anywhere: body and face alone or mixed with other products.
- A pea size is enough for your cheeks, bridge of your nose, under your brows, and your collarbone.
- The colors are meant to be universally flattering. 
- Adds instant glow
- Gives enough color to use alone or can be layered with other make-up
- Perfect for a natural face

- Must use before powder bronzer, I used it by mistake after I applied my bronzer and it messed up my bronzer and made my face looks seriously crazy. I had to use a wet sponge to blend back together and wait for it to dry to touch up. Oops. 
- Is easy to go overboard with, start with a tiny dab and then add to build color 
- A little pricey (at least in my book)

Overall here is my review:
You get 1.1 oz and for $30, but it's totally worth the price. The tube has SO MUCH product and a little goes a long way. I mean a LOOOOOONG way. So I'm expecting this product to last and last. It's such a beautiful color, I seriously love and am completely happy with the shade. I plan on using it more this summer and love how it looks down the front of my shins for some added sexiness. However, this isn't a product I reach for everyday, but always use when I'm wearing little or no make-up just to add some glow and color to my face. I do like it a lot, but I'm not sure I'll re-purchase it again. I think there are other illuminators that may give you the same effects at a more competitive price.

Oh, and for anyone wondering where to use an illuminator, here's a handy guide:
Here's some celebs that are also fans of this product (this also helped me bite the bullet):

Do you use illuminator? How/where doy ou apply it? Have you tried this one, what are your thoughts? 


Fashion Meets Food said...

I have never used illuminator before, but I am thinking I need to start. xo

Simply Amy said...

I have been wondering how this product was, so thanks for writing a review on it!

JMB said...

This makes me want to run to Sephora now! So ok...is it like a foundation/bronzer/ or self tanner??
Help! haha

Hikari said...

Definitely checking this out tonight. I've been wanting something like this after all the hype over the mermaid makeup in the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out.

Schnelle said...

I usually use a powder illuminator but this looks like it would be a great alternative. I love Nars blushes they're pricey but they do last a while so it's worth it.

lovegracemercy said...

I am definitely going to try this- I LOOVE illuminator!! I have been using the MAC one for TOOOOOO many years...This will be on my Birthday wish list. Thanks for the info :)

Chelsea said...

I am so glad that you like this product!! It totally rocks!! Definitely worth the price!

Lindsey said...

I got the all over elf color stick and am obsessed with it. Have you tried it? And/or their facial whip? This illuminator sounds fab but 30?? Eeeeep I dunno if I could

Rebecca said...

i love the nars multiples, not as liquidy so you can apply after powder

REBrown said...

I've used some powder illuminator before but never a cream. I may bit the bullet - but probably not with something this expensive.

Danielle said...

ive been wanting to try this, but i feel like my skin needs to b clear to use it..which it never is. rawr

Miss K said...

thanks so much everyone for the feedback!

although i like the product, i don't use it everyday.

i'll definitely report back if i find anything else at a better price point, but i wonder if another product would be as shimmer/glittery as this

Megan said...

yet another product i must try. dangit girl! ill add it to my 'need to shop for when in the US' list!

i havent tried it before but recall seeing it. i have a similar one from chanel that i rarely use. but perhaps it is because id didnt know HOW to use it...this tutorial helps! <3

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

I am so scared of stuff like this! Great review...you may have convinced me :) Julianne looks insanely gorg in this pic!

alicia said...

think I'm gonna try this!!