Tuesday, June 27, 2017

OOTD: Pink Jeans + 2nd Trimester Recap

Good morning and happy Tuesday everyone! I'm officially in the final trimester! Can you believe that? I feel like it's flown right by and that I've been pregnant forever. Only a short, but hot, three months left! He's gonna be here so soon and I'm so not prepared.

We haven't even started on his room, I have one thing for his wall. ONE! I finally found a theme Matt and I love and I want to get started on it, but we're so busy I just haven't done anything for it. I totally have it all pictured perfectly in my head though. I don't remember when I did Emma's, I do remember it being later in the pregnancy, but then I found nearly everything on one big shopping trip. Boys are hard ya'll. It's a whole different ball game from pastels, florals, and glitter.


Top c/o Pink Blush // Jeans c/o Pink Blush (so soft and comfy! Fits TTS too!)
Wedges (old, similar here and here) // Bag

Here's a quick recap from the last trimester:

- He moves a ton! He's so active and the last couple of weeks I've been feeling him move nearly all day. 

- As of my last appointment, he is still transverse. It's not terribly uncomfortable, but my bump is definitely a different shape than it was with the girls (who were Frank Breech, Emma ended up flipping just before her due date). 

- I'll be having another scheduled c-section and I was hoping at my last appointment that we would be able to schedule it, but I'll found out his birthday at my next appointment. 

- My cravings have been all over the place and nothing that really sticks. Sometimes, just the thought of it sounds good, but I don't really want much. Lately, it's been sour candies (like Sour Patch Kids and Sour Punch Ropes) and ice cream. 

- As far as weight gain, I'm almost to what I gained with Eleanor. I think I'll surpass that and this will be my largest pregnancy of all three kids. They say you gain more with boys and I believe it!

That's it so far! This is probably my most boring pregnancy, but I've really relished in it! I have mixed emotions about this one being my last, although I know for certain it will be. This little guy is making our family complete (it would be complete even if we were expecting a girl) and that calm and peace is amazing. It's just weird knowing we're done.

Pink Blush has been my go-to shop for this pregnancy. I've been so uncomfortable and their pieces are so soft and comfortable. Plus I feel beautiful and comfortable in their pieces! If you're pregnant and looking for pieces that will last your whole pregnancy and post partum body, look no further! They have such cute maternity clothes

**Sidenote, I've always used an online photo sharing site to store and share my pictures here on the blog. They recently changed their terms of service and are trying to strong everyone into paying a large amount for third party hosting. So, that's why you see all those ugly images in place of my personal ones. I've been just sick over it and have yet decided what to do. I'm going to try and go back to my most recent and popular posts to replace the pics, but I'm not sure if it's better to just move forward or spend time on the past. Should I Rebrand? Start over? Quit? Finally switch blogging platforms? I'm not sure yet. I apologize there's not posts with pretty pics anymore, just content and nothing for you visually. I appreciate all of your support at this time and will be working on a solution coming soon!

Thank you to Pink Blush for sponsoring this post! xoxo
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