Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Our Family Pics 2016

When Matt and I first were married, I told him we'd take family pictures every year until we died. I want to be able to see our family over the years, have something to look back on that captured our family and varying stages of its growth. While in Washington, one of my aunt's had their playroom covered in their family pics from over the years and I loved looking back at them and seeing their family grow. It's exactly what I want in my own home, 100s of pictures over the years and stories to tell with them. Pudgy fingers, goofy smiles, bad haircuts, missing teeth, awkward years, I want to remember and have something tangible to look through when I'm old and gray and share them with my grandchildren.

For pics this year, we met with Dana and Nate of Lovers or Love photography at the Santa Rosa Plateau. It was a gorgeous location and gave us a few different backdrops, I think we'll even go back next year and check out a different part of the park. Just like last year's, I had this planned for months and months. Our outfits had been carefully picked out before Easter even! It was our fifth session together with them and they did not disappoint. We're so comfortable shooting with them and I can always count on our pictures turning out just beautiful. I was worried about the girls, but they hammed it up! Smile after giant smile and these pictures would have to be my favorite ever! Yesterday, I had several printed and switched them out in our frames. I have so many more I want to print, it's just so hard to choose my favorites! Below is just a few of them, otherwise I'd have to include them all!

 photo lawler_2016_-5_zps2n1opedh.jpg
 photo lawler_2016_-7_zpsddlcgeab.jpg photo lawler_2016_-14_zpscsh8x4b3.jpg photo lawler_2016_-25_zpsqqyldi1p.jpg photo lawler_2016_-35_zpszcmlmkwf.jpg photo lawler_2016_-47_zpsrkgmtp1u.jpg photo lawler_2016_-82_zpsbl0clibr.jpg photo lawler_2016_-98_zpssq14uyqw.jpg photo lawler_2016_-119_zpsgezr04nh.jpg photo lawler_2016_-128_zpswszcdxqc.jpg photo lawler_2016_-141_zps58q8f2yh.jpg photo lawler_2016_-15_zpsorudpk6k.jpg photo lawler_2016_-158_zpsavcnsfnx.jpg photo lawler_2016_-151_zpsq8h9jsyq.jpg photo lawler_2016_-155_zpsguqb1dpn.jpg
Me: Dress (similar here) // Shoes (similar here)
Ellie: Dress (old, similar here) // Shoes // Bunny (similar here) // Floral Bow
Emma: Outfit // Shoes (similar here) // Lamb // Floral Bow

Oh my gosh, this is just a small part of them, it was so hard to narrow them down. Now I just need to buy more frames, make a photo album, and pick out which ones I want to use for our Christmas card. I like to get the most of our family pics each year and don't take "fall/Christmas" pics just for our card. Plus, we got some amazing pics this session and I don't wanna jinx it!
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