Sunday, June 15, 2014

Our Father's Day Weekend

Why does Saturday and Sunday go by so quickly? If we could just squeeze one extra day in, that would be heaven! It seems I'm never ready for Monday to be here already each week. I'm still staying with Matt's parents during the week, but it looks like that is coming to an end and a work transfer is finally on the horizon! Please cross your fingers and keep us in your prayers that it all works out!

Matt's grandfather passed away a few years ago and was buried up in Oxnard and we've talked forever about taking a drive up there and spend some time. This weekend we finally did it. We went up with Matt's Dad to take some flowers to his grave site, stop to eat, and just enjoy an afternoon together without any schedule. It was such a beautiful day and made for a nice drive.

 photo 26ED9AB3-A8B4-48CF-9CCE-E3D47B6CD50C_zpsfpmblbpo.jpg photo BC3E5DAB-9475-47D1-AFEE-71A4807C9A89_zpskst3dy0x.jpg

On our way back we stopped at the Fillmore Fish Hatchery to check it out and feed the fish. It was really cool! Matt and I both grew up fishing and it was neat to see how they "farm" fish. I posted on IG a video of the fish swarming to the food, there were so many! It's free to visit and the fish food was only $.10 so it's a great stop for families and kids.
 photo 38B12146-F330-4FFC-BA15-DD60C211DDE4_zps7qik6tbf.jpg photo 2D6429E8-0A3C-4D4B-8CB5-204956469233_zpserg80jqn.jpg photo D2B7BDDC-FD03-4DDC-85F8-720AD585B0B4_zpsot4aicka.jpg photo 79B798FF-6753-4C93-BA38-4F4550D24594_zpstcha0kn7.jpg photo 646C17B4-4BC7-421D-894A-2A6C876260E2_zpsolnw22qs.jpg

After the fish stop, we went to a honey farm. Matt LOVES honey. I'm not too big about it, I like it in my tea and that's about it. It's really healthy for you and I like learning about the different types of honey and tasting them each, but Matt and his Dad are both honey bees. After trying the different flavors they went back and forth about which ones to buy, that the clove flavor is hard, that Matt doesn't get why the avocado one is such a big hit because he doesn't really care too much for it, etc. I love watching them together, they are carbon copies of each other.
 photo E902CEFF-5E50-4300-90BF-A593C5117421_zpsmd4v7kh1.jpg photo F30D8092-21C4-4E16-B185-BF1230E9CFEF_zpsmjioqm4g.jpg photo B8BA9127-E91B-479E-A575-DDED99F34AC7_zpsdoxxg0ut.jpg

Then we headed to a family party to celebrate my cousin's 30th birthday. It was so much fun, there was a taco man and live music Ellie just loved dancing to. I wish we could have stayed all night long, but Ellie was tired from such a long day so we had to leave earlier than we wanted to get her home to unwind and ready for bed.
 photo 57C011BA-219A-4022-A441-6F03DD95BACA_zpscpd1brg5.jpg photo 9BD5070B-FAF3-41BD-9995-21A053EEF758_zpsovaz0afl.jpg photo BCC8D172-4B11-4FD4-A7FF-B71F2C769578_zpsqlreeafs.jpg photo 10449107_1434184190176373_1253845090_n_zps00777d9e.jpg

Then for actual Father's Day, we relaxed at home together in the morning and then headed to a pool party/bbq. Ellie and I got Matt some "man" stuff- an ice chest, golf glove, badminton racquets/birdies, a horse shoe game set up for our yard, and some candy.
 photo 88F5B9C6-10B2-4909-B765-DB213E55C161_zpsib2qfcy0.jpg photo 46DEB3E1-5509-449D-A9C5-2A84B932DDDA_zps8djqe2dv.jpg

It was a great family filled weekend and the weather was perfect. I hope you all had a great weekend!
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