Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ellie's First Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated Ellie's first birthday with our friends and family and it was a total success! It was so great having everyone over and watching Ellie with her cake. This past year has seriously flown right by, I can't believe my little baby is growing so fast!

Here are some IPhone pics from the party and the details. We've had some issues getting pictures from our DSLR so maybe I'll do another post when I get those on my computer. These will do for now! I've been planning her party for months and I'm really happy with how all the decorations and food came out. 

We had a hot dog bar with cheese, chili, jalapenos, onions, and all the condiments for our meal with sides of pasta salad, watermelon, and baked beans. For the other babies we also had apple sauce and gold fishes. Then we also had a lemonade bar with flavored syrups and fresh fruit. For desserts we had strawberry cupcakes topped with vanilla frosting, edible glitter, and pink gumballs with chocolate dipped rick krispie treats, and circus animals cookies. 

I made ALL of the decorations myself, the tissue poms, garlands, stir sticks, spray painted and glittered the 1s, etc. It was a lot of fun to make, really easy to do, and super affordable. I followed a lot of tutorials from Handcrafted Parties, she is the craft queen and her tutorials are super easy to follow. I would post a DIY post about them, but it would just be an identical post to hers so check them out. Thank you and a shoutout to our friends and family who helped us set up and frost cupcakes!

 photo 0781C35B-01C2-4F30-9ED2-4DF7DA004FEF_zpsupyynuum.jpg photo C4E88FDD-8C00-456E-911F-75EBCD7A8021_zpsrh4bjq7v.jpg photo 028D8990-72CF-4714-A150-8C8B94220D2A_zpshinm7kqx.jpg photo 48031A15-E442-4E98-95B7-B174E3BF2709_zpswdsx3h6g.jpg photo 115320CD-8791-411D-8BF7-4D89B29A3F32_zpsogpqkkjt.jpg photo 85E75298-A985-4CB4-A35D-20D359A44647_zpsn7yacete.jpg  photo 3DF79574-6BF9-4B36-9214-773F5FB40A67_zpsogqe3nfj.jpg photo 558E90B2-4B98-48A9-8830-5E0167B9A8CE_zpsot06s4do.jpg photo 336FD25C-AE84-427A-B143-7F43D6F2A7A9_zpswz2ijpbo.jpg photo 42AB8AB8-6584-4DFC-BF15-C7E9FA0297DD_zpswkwkpykz.jpg photo 3C9AA56F-2E88-4334-B744-4E189838103C_zpshcfqs21c.jpg photo CA3F7CCB-DADA-44DB-88A6-D2EC8684F3F4_zpsixnx5uw7.jpg
 photo CD88D4B1-96CF-4B99-9412-7B7BAB3840DE_zpskikiqz13.jpg photo 7CB3C222-543B-4BFF-994A-B69374D9F9E1_zpsrkvre58b.jpg photo D76A306D-D75A-4E9C-9197-974A73873783_zpskobx53hw.jpg photo 13624A00-8F40-4AF8-8726-EEF49D5CFCF5_zpsdezgddwa.jpg photo 4B018314-9A95-4478-9AC6-BDB636760C32_zps9hqmddg2.jpg photo 0A8FF7B9-EF2C-4E0A-B0EA-D33C6CC3D752_zpsss0gza8f.jpg photo 8874A90C-8DB3-44A8-9E17-47377165DBBB_zps96o3otfe.jpg photo D3AD2049-6B50-40AF-AB9E-1081026DC141_zpsrgccx1r7.jpg
 photo DC789E85-50E8-4099-B194-78D95734F8E5_zpsyeiv4e4u.jpg photo 4D02F488-F4CC-452A-9012-3A166A7A54C5_zpsewqn8acq.jpg 

Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating! Ellie and our family are so lucky to have so many loved ones in our lives. It was wonderful celebrating her first year together!
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