Thursday, June 12, 2014

Baby Must Haves: 11 Months

So this post is so ridiculously late being published because I needed to get the links and pictures, etc. The post itself was written in real time so I'll just leave it as is and please remember that it was actually written two months ago.

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This is the last month my little baby is still a baby, she’ll be moving onto toddlerhood and the time is passing so quickly. A week or so ago, we dressed her in “big girl” jammies (a short sleeve, no feet two piece set) and I wanted to cry my eyes out at how big she looked. That night when she woke up, I nursed her back to sleep and rocked her much longer than I should have cherishing that quiet moment between us.

I’ve mentioned before in previous posts that Ellie is high maintenance in terms of having our attention and being held a lot. Sometimes it’s frustrating that she needs/wants to be held all the time when I need to get things done and wearing her doesn’t work for whatever I’m doing. Someone often comments that I must get sick of it or hate it and I always reply, “It can be frustrating, but I only get to hold for such a small amount of time so I enjoy it”. I try and savor the little things with her, I’m only going to get to hold her for a few years and then she’ll be too big for me to pick her up or rock her. There will be a time where she won’t need me here for her in the same way. Since becoming a mother, I’ve really tried to focus on my time with Eleanor. I don’t want to look back with regrets and wish that I took advantage of our time together better. One quote I heard and has always stuck with me is “The days are long, but the years are short” and I think about it often and how true the words really are. I hope I can continue to savor our moments together and not get distracted by life or tantrums to let these days pass me by.

With these last weeks before her first birthday, I’ve been super emotional. It catches me at small moments like the night in her big girl jammies. This year has been such a fantastic journey. I love how much Ellie changes and grows on a daily basis. The look of sheer joy on her face when she enjoys something, how proud she is of herself when she learns something new, and the belly laugh from our nighttime tickles warms me up inside. She has so much personality and I can’t wait to hear her talk and be able to express herself more.
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Two Piece Jammies- Besides the heart ache changing from footed jammies to the set, these jammies are perfect for summer time. Also, it’s hard to find footed jammies in 18 months so I don’t have much of a choice at this point either. These whale ones crack me up from- I smirk every time I think about the cute play on words.

Snack Cups: A little girl at daycare uses these snack cups and our DC provider told me how much Ellie loves them and always shares (snatches it away) with her. I didn’t realize Ellie was old enough or have the motor skills to use a snack cup yet, but babies surprise you. I went out and bought her some before Easter and she has gone to town with them. She holds onto that sucker like her life depended on it.

Sun Hat: We are spending more and more time outdoors and with Ellie’s fair skin and nearly bald head (she has hair, but it’s so light it’s hard to see all of it) we have been wearing lots of hats to help protect her from the sun. I bought this hat earlier this year, but for the life of me cannot find it for her anywhere since we’ve moved. I remember packing it away, but have yet to come across it. We have the exact same hat in a 2T version that doesn’t have the chin strap on it and thankfully she keeps the hat on! Woohoo! I’m happy she enjoys wearing it and plan on buying a few more- especially some swim hats like last summer.

Toddler Swing
Another gift from the Easter Bunny, we've had a ton of fun with this swing. She just giggles and giggles as we push her. The only con is that the straps are not an ideal length for the height of our deck so we plan on having them extended. I guess it just depends on your patio area. This is the gift that will keep on giving, all the kids at our housewarming party wanted a turn on the swing.

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