Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Baby Must Haves: 9 Months

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Nine months have just flown by so quickly, I can't believe we will be celebrating her first birthday in just a few short months. This past month has been fantastic, Ellie is so silly and fun. She flirts with everybody, tilts her head to the side and smiles, waves to everyone, and loves to stick out her tongue. She gives us kisses too, which is my favorite. She's growing really tall and her big round belly is beginning to flatten out a bit. Her hair is still really blonde with a touch of strawberry (which I hope will stay) and her eyes are a striking blue. People always tell me how much she looks like my husband, but I really think there's a strong mix of us both. I guess whichever side of the family you know best is what traits stand out the most to you. Sometimes I think she's my twin and other days all I see in her is Matthew.

We also have a great nighttime routine (finally!). Before, no matter what we did and how often, it only worked for a short time and now bedtime is so simple. We really just needed to pay more attention to Ellie's sleep cues and work out what works best for all of us. Parenting is funny like that, sometimes the answer is simple and right in front of you.

Solids are still going good! We are doing purees still, but have started with more finger foods. It's hard because when she eats finger foods I don't feel like she eats as much as when I feed her myself. We'll give her toast, cheese, eggs, shredded chicken, and some fruits and then still feed her some purees afterwards. Sippy cups are going well, I don't have any favorites yet that she prefers though. Each night we give her a cup with water (and she gets one at daycare with her lunch) and she's learning to use a straw. I haven't switched her bottles out yet though, I think I'll wean from bottles as I start her on milk. I'm getting bored with the food we're eating, I mix her purees  to create new flavors, but do any of you have suggestions on what your little ones enjoy eating?

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Zipper PJs: When Ellie was younger and we were changing her diapers during the night, I preferred button up pjs because it kept her top half covered up and I liked the idea of her staying warm and comfortable while we changed her. Now that she’s older and she sleeps in the same diaper overnight we no longer have that same need and I prefer zipper pjs. Also, since she’s all over the place and in a hurry to be on the move, the zipper is so much quicker to change her into.

Mermaid Doll: Ellie has a couple of dolls that have a rattle in them and she loves them. We like to play with them and give them loves and the fact that they make a noise brings a big smile to her face.

LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket: This is the last of the Christmas presents Santa gave Ellie and we finally opened it this past month. She loves it! She likes the food pieces and the cup and places with them constantly. She also enjoys taking everything out of the basket (she doesn’t like to put them in though! LOL) and the basket sings songs and asks questions about the food which I think she’ll really enjoy in a few years when she understands. This is a great toy that will grow with her and I can see her using it for the next 4-5 years probably, I’m sure there are lots of pretend picnics in my future.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker: Ellie is on the move! This toy is so much fun and she loves running back and forth across our living room with this gem. This is another gift from Santa that is great to have now because it grows with your child. The front pops off to use on the floor once your child is sitting up on its own and the wheels have two levels of speed to keep up with your child’s pace. Right now they are in slow lock so it doesn’t take off without her. Toys like this are great for your little one to learn to walk and balance themselves, I’m sure Ellie will be walking in no time.

Blocks: We are using these blocks now to stack and have Ellie knock over, but a set of wooden blocks may make it into her Easter basket this year. We love to build towers up for her to knock over, it’s so much fun and she loves the activity. A good set of blocks will be great for her motor skills and to build higher and more towers for her. She doesn't put these blocks through the holes yet, but she loves to dump them out and see if she can take one of the stack I make for her without knocking all of it over.


Rachel Steck said...

She is adorable!

Schnelle said...

She is SO adorable! The first birthday was so bittersweet- the first year just goes by wayyyy too fast. I love that picnic basket, I think that would make a good Easter present for Aubrey!

..:danielle:.. said...

i absolutely agree with you 100% about zipper vs button pajamas... we put all the button ones away! im gonna have to try toast and eggs soon with henry :) also he wont take the sippy cup we have been trying, just chews on the top. maybe we will have to find another type?

eliz said...

Times does go by fast...right now Mya is 10.5 months and you are right...such a fabulous time...their little personalities are shining! I want the walker toy!

Mrs Gable said...

She has the most adorable cheeks!