Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Product Review: Easy Canvas Prints

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Having pictures of Ellie and our family is really important to me, I try and have her pictures taken every three months for her first year and I want to have family pictures taken once a year (or twice if we can swing it!) for the rest of our lives to have for posterity and to cherish the memories. I love looking through old family pictures and have always enjoyed looking through pictures of my parents and their parents. The fashion, memories, stories, and photos of lost loved ones are special mementos to have.

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When I was approached by Easy Canvas Prints to review a print, I jumped at the chance. I knew exactly what picture I wanted and where I was going to hang it. I headed over to their website and was very impressed. It has a nice layout, is extremely user-friendly, and had a great preview tool so you could see the scale of your picture on a wall in a faux living room. One cool feature too was the gallery wall, you can order several prints at once and it shows you how you can display the different sizes and how they would look all together once hung. Hanging pictures can be so hard to get the layout right, I thought this feature was very neat.

 photo 5BE52874-97C4-430F-BC46-0AA4AEB065CE-4923-000003AA5FEAB06D_zpsc577b49e.jpg  photo 7F4EF83C-AB8F-4B0E-822B-E0D4023B16AA-4923-000003AA721FBC93_zps588948bd.jpg

I definitely want to order some more canvas prints of Ellie’s newborn shots and family pictures and I know exactly where I’ll be ordering them from! I was so happy with the entire ordering process, it was so simpler and it shipped really quickly. I thought it would take longer to receive since it’s a canvas, I expected it to take at least a week and I had it in just a few days! I couldn’t believe it! I absolutely love when I get a chance to review a product and I have a great experience with the company and get to share it with everyone.

Easy Canvas Prints also has two affiliate websites that offer more custom print options and ideas- Build A Sign and Allied Shirts, be sure to check them out as well for some great options!
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