Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Baby Must Haves: 5 Months

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Ellie has grown so much this past month! I’ve been looking at her newborn pictures and seeing how much she has changed is incredible. She has so much more hair, she’s so much bigger (especially longer!), and has so much personality! Her sense of humor is really apparent, she has fully belly laughs, and reacts when you make silly faces or noises. She’s sitting up unassisted and reaches for you when she wants you to hold her or pick her up. It melts my heart each day when I get home to see her big toothless grin and her chubby arms reaching for her mama. I wasn’t kidding in my previous monthly must-have posts that each month is more fun than the last! They just grow and change so much that each day is something new and it’s an amazing experience.

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Baby Einstein Musical Motion 2-in-1 Stationary Jumper & Entertainer 
 I got this saucer and some other products (that we gave Matt’s parents to have at their home since it would be double for us) from a moms Facebook group I’m in and Ellie absolutely loves it! It’s so nice to put her in it while I’m doing stuff around the house. She loves exploring the different activities on each side and can completely turn herself to each side on her own. Her feet don’t quite touch the ground yet so I’ve put a blanket underneath her for now. The moment she realized how to push the buttons herself was so fun! She had been trying to figure out how to make the music and lights go off and she finally figured out how to push the button, I was so proud of her. It’s the little things in life.

Dish Drying Mats
We have a bottle rack for all of her bottles and my pump parts, but sometimes there’s just not enough room. I didn’t want to buy a 2nd drying rack for bottles and when we were at Costco a few weeks ago they had a two pack drying mat for $7.99! They’re awesome! Super absorbent, can be put in the wash, and folds up nicely to fit in a cabinet for storage when not in use. The picture and the link aren't the ones we bought, but similar to what we found.

Fleece Pajamas
It’s still pretty warm here during the day, but it dips down pretty cold during the night. I thought Ellie’s pjs alone would be fine, but one night she kept waking up and I noticed that her ears were cold and so were her feet (even though her feet are covered) so I picked up some fleece pajamas for her and I’ve noticed she’s slept better and longer in them now that she’s warmer.

Palmolive Pure and Clear Dish Soap
Since I was pregnant, we started switching over all of our products to safer ones. We started with our laundry detergent and then to this dish soap and I love this soap! It smells great and we use it for all our dishes and her Ellie's bottles and my pump items.

Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks
I think these are Ellie's favorite toy right now (the activity balls are a close second!). Two of the blocks jingle and the other two have that plastic scratch stuff and she loves all the details on each side and knocking them over after I stack them for her.

Baby Einstein Roller-Pillar Activity Balls
These balls are great for her motor skills and each one offers a different stimulation. When they roll away from her she reaches to far to get it, it will be so much fun when she starts crawling and gets after them.

Munchkin Fun Ice® Chewy Teether
This are such a blessing. When I can tell Ellie's gums are bothering her, I just hand her one of these teethers and she is so relieved to be chewing on them. They're cold and easy for her to hold herself and gnaw for a few minutes.


Kristin said...

Kenley has those jammies and those teethers! She loves them both. :)

Rachel Steck said...

She is a doll! What a fun age!

Miss Chelsea said...

I recently switched to that dishwash too (no bebe here, just trying to be more conscience) - I love it!

..:danielle:.. said...

love all these things!