Thursday, November 14, 2013

OOTD: Wedding Attire

 photo 013BB77E-BAB9-4C7C-A15B-4047583A991C-1691-00000128B9A6BB09_zpsdbf94794.jpg photo 72857451-C701-4B4A-98DA-C7AA81FCC1AB-1691-00000128B0EAE07C_zps892c0908.jpg photo 3FB7236B-A358-4AF9-8E1F-7531E6BEEFA6-1691-00000128A8833934_zps4ac49887.jpg photo B3770757-3B41-4FEC-AF97-AA208950A626-1691-0000012891D9C7E2_zps64d53211.jpg photo CDF183B5-DB3F-4CF0-870D-0DEE2395568A-1691-000001290A05A025_zps1af4e555.jpg

I'm so late in posting this, but Matt and I went to a wedding a few weeks ago and I chose this taupe dress for the night. For fall weddings, I have such a hard time picking out what to wear since it's technically "fall" but it's still 80+ degrees here in California. Do I dress for the weather or the season? I figured this strapless beauty would be the perfect choice with my earrings from Very Jane.

I had been eyeing the Morgan Maxi forever, but couldn't decide on a color. I wanted to choose a color I didn't already have in my closet and one that could be worn year round. I was debating between the navy and the maroon, but when the taupe restocked I immediately added it to my cart and checked out. The dress is so soft, has lots of room in the chest, length, and waist. It would have been the perfect pregnancy dress and reminded me a lot of the dress I wore to my baby shower, but with pockets. As you can tell, it's really long and I wore it with wedges, but forgot to put them on for the pictures.

What do you like to wear when the season is changing? Do you dress for the season or the weather?
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