Wednesday, September 25, 2013

OOTD- Lace Shorts X Two

This weekend my girlfriend had a housewarming party and it was so great to see her new home and see some of our sorority sisters. It's crazy how we're all growing up from college, buying homes, getting married, having babies, getting promotions at work. I'm so happy for all my girlfriends and how well they're each doing. It's wonderful being able to share each others joys.

Everyone is all about fall right now, it's all you can find in stores, on blogs, IG, etc. Umm. yafFall is great and all, but I'm still digging summer. I wouldn't mind being able to wear a light sweater or scarf though. So I'm busting out all my favorites for the last days of "summer". Yes, I know Monday was the first day of Fall/Autumn. I live in CA though, it will be hot forever still. I'll get plenty of wear out of these shorts, I'm definitely picking them up in black too. They are so stretchy and comfortable!

 photo 132CF831-D852-49E3-AB04-BEBB298911E8-29325-00000CBD88C4BEF7_zpsef9300f1.jpg photo FC75644A-D9B1-40F1-9326-649ED803AA89-29325-00000CBD8E6FF892_zpsced0ae44.jpg photo C8E3DB3D-4E96-4517-AE77-439BB46CEE08-29325-00000CBDAF992F80_zpsb9a0cbe5.jpg photo 35AC9A85-B275-4103-ABDB-0B04572C42B0-29325-00000CBDAA066737_zps077efaf4.jpg
Aldo Barbara Sandals

Ellie's Outfit
Circo Top from Target (bought at the beginning of the year)
Carter's Grey leggings
Headband from, seller AppleBerryBlue

No judging, I totally wore these the next day too, but switched it out for my gray Piko top. I can't wait to wear the exact same outfit, but top it with my mint Lenore scarf. Ya'll know I'm a scarf-a-holic and the Lenore is my favorite. I want to buy more and make a footed onesie of the material to wear around the house. They are so cozy! 

 photo CA7506E6-32F0-44D7-B7D5-2FEC81C6E2D9-1116-000000A22697B239_zps92a2e864.jpg
The pic I posted on IG 

 photo 29D211FC-77FC-4A36-9632-A3B42CCE4D42-1116-000000A20F4A05B9_zpsbdc86484.jpg photo 0FA385D3-7310-470A-A6EE-E874C808C4D8-1116-000000A21F780433_zps8f0d6096.jpg photo 9E5DA680-AE79-4A31-8466-C9E9D0960E7A-1116-000000A219D9B66F_zps40f63f12.jpg

What are you still wearing as long as you can?
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