Monday, May 8, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide

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Didn't the year JUST start? I can't believe we're already into May and nearly halfway done with the year so far! Mother's Day is this weekend and I have some great picks for you and the mother's in your life, all of which you'll get in time to celebrate! I own a lot of these and the ones I don't are all on my wish list. We don't have any plans yet for the day, it's still up in the air, but I'm looking forward to a day with family .

Makeup Bag
A new makeup bag is another goodie that I think a lot of women rarely buy for themselves and just use what they have til it falls apart. At least that’s what I do! Right now, I’m using two bags- one for my makeup and the other for my brushes. I would love to get a large travel case where I could keep them together, but separated. I’ve found a few super cute ones (Victoria Secret is totally stepping up their game!), I love this one, this one, and this one is adorable! My SILs gave me this adorable palm leaf one for my birthday and I absolutely love it! It's the perfect size! I'm so glad I was able to condense my two bags into one.

Curling Wand Trio
This wand is so popular and I see it on every blog and Instagram and I've become obsessed. Plus, they're so pretty, I love the white and rose gold. Every girl swears that this wand works miracles and I believe them, their hair is perfectly curled!

Oh my goodness I need a new pair like yesterday. The last real pair of sunnies I bought was four years ago and I’ve since bought a ton of cheapies, but I think it’s finally time to get myself a new pair for summer. Matt gave me these pair for our anniversary and I absolutely love them! I love the style of these, but also love these!

Ring Stack
I'm OBSESSED with my Everly rings and wear them daily! All of her rings are stunning and I love mixing metals and styles to create new looks or just wearing them alone for a simple look. My rings from them is growing and she's having a HUGE Mother's Day sale right now to get a stack at a great price. Trust me, you're gonna become addicted!

Market Bag
I love the look of a cute farmers market bag, there's so many great options! This is such a cute and functional gift! This one is a great size and I love the mix of color that's mixed in and the leather handles.

How gorgeous is this metallic and glitter shadow? I have no idea where I’d exactly where this, church? But mama likes and I want it! The gold color is gorgeous and I’ve watched about 100 YouTube reviews and applications and can’t stop thinking about it!

Dough Bowl
I love the look of a dough bowl and fall in love with one every time I see it on Pinterest or home d├ęcor posts on IG. I would love to have one, but have no idea where I would put it at this time. Our little spitfire Emma destructs everything possible and loves to throw anything that fits in her hand so anything I would fill our bowl with would end up elsewhere. I think this would make a great gift, and something a little unexpected.

How gorgeous are these studs? I absolutely love them and they’re perfect for everyday and special occasions. They are available in three colors- silver, rose gold, and gold. They’re a staple piece for me and make a lovely gift.

What are you wishing for? What are you getting your mothers?
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