Thursday, April 6, 2017

How I Pack for Toddlers with JJ Cole Backpack

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I've been rocking a diaper bag for almost four years now and I definitely consider myself a pro. With two toddlers under my belt and a new baby coming this fall, I've learned all the essentials for any outing! Finding the right diaper bag can be a bit tough, JJ Cole offers a variety of options and features, styles, and I love their color options!

My diaper bag has been stuffed to the brim with all the baby necessities, then it changed as Ellie grew up. Then, I had to start over with Emma, but I knew exactly what I really needed and what we could go without. Now that they're both toddlers, it's probably the easiest diaper bag I've ever packed!

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Toddler Diaper Bag Must Haves:

-Snacks: Oh my goodness, I don't think you can have enough snacks for toddlers! I like to have items that don't get crushed easily- dry cereals, granola bars, pouches, hard crackers.

-Diapers: Depending on how long we'll be out, I pack 4-5 typically.

-Creams: Don't forget the rash cream! Emma has sensitive skin so I also have one on us.

-Change of clothes: I pack one outfit for each girl, maybe some socks or a light jacket too. Don't forget extra undies!

-Sunscreen: It's warming up and if we're gonna be outside and I need to protect their soft skin.

-Quiet Toys: I don't always pack these, but if we're going to be somewhere where we'll be waiting a while or we need to be quiet I always pack something for them. Coloring books and crayons, a mini magna doodle, lacing toys, etc.

-Lovie: My little one has to have her swaddle blanket or little lovie if I'm ever going to get her to sleep or just for comfort. I've learned the hard way with her to make sure we always carry one with us.

-Medicine: No matter what, I always keep some Tylenol in our diaper bag. Another thing I've learned the hard way!

-Cup: Ellie can use a "big girl" cup, but Emma still uses soppy cups so we need to keep one with us for her.

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If you've been around for a while, you know I love a diaper bag backpack. It makes outings so much easier for me to have my hands free, and with side pockets and easy access front pockets, I can keep necessities near by. My JJ Cole Diaper Bag can be used three different ways- a backpack, messenger bag, or as a stroller attachment (love this feature!). It has 11 pockets, with the side pockets heavily insulated. I was pleasantly surprised about this! How awesome to keep our drinks colder (or warmer) longer! One of my favorite features is the opening- there front flap is magnetic so it makes it easy to get to, but the inside has a large zipper across the top, securing all of your belongings.

For this trip, I just packed the essentials in our diaper bag, but I still had so much room left! I was able to still pack all of my personal items (wallet, phone, sunnies, lipstick, and keys) and had plenty of room if we were going to be staying all day somewhere (jammies, more clothes/diapers). The structure is always really nice, I know it won't lose it's shape with lots of use and over time. It will be perfect when our little man arrives later!

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