Tuesday, May 9, 2017

20 Weeks Update + Pink Blush Giveaway!

Morning everyone! Sorry there's been so much radio silence on the blog and Instagram lately. This pregnancy has gotten the best of me! I don't know how mamas with lots of kids do it! There's a few women at my church who are expecting as well and some have 3+ kids already and I just look at them in awe. Sometimes, I want to just pick their brain about how they get it all done. Women are such rockstars!!

This last week I hit 20 weeks and I can't believe I'm already halfway through my last pregnancy! It's crazy how quickly each pregnancy goes by. We've been pretty busy and I have another announcement to make in a future post (which isn't really that big of a secret if we're friends on Facebook) that I look forward to sharing with you guys. Here's some pregnancy and life updates about what's been going on.

 photo 7BB283C7-E959-4DF8-AB2C-28EC60E8A53D_zpsree5m4jc.jpg
 photo 8E589359-F9DA-4BDB-B5D1-CF16527E41ED_zpstbfurea0.jpg photo 8EF54D1B-24F3-42CF-9C8C-F93FB38600FE_zpstumfjo24.jpg

Top: Pink Blush c/o 
I love how this top hangs, it's so soft and comfortable. I wore this for a date night with the hubs for our 6th wedding anniversary!
Jeans: Pink Blush c/o
These maternity jeans have a full panel and are also really comfy. They run TTS.

To better accommodate my schedule and doctor appointments, I've transferred to a new location with a larger staff for work. I absolutely love my new location, my co-workers are amazing and are such a great team to work with. The location is further away from my home, so my drive is a bit longer, mostly due to traffic. I've been there for just over a month now and really enjoy being there. I'm doing the same position that I've had since coming back to work after having Emma. I don't really talk much about my 9-5 here, but wanted to share since I'm waking up a bit earlier and coming home just a bit later. It's been cutting into some of my "free" time that I would usually set aside for blogging and posting.

Another big hit to my routine? Exhaustion! Man, am I tired! I haven't had any of my energy return at all in the magical second trimester. On my birthday last week, I went to bed at 830! Between work, taking care of the girls, house work, and being pregnant, I feel tired all the time. My under eye concealer has been my best friend these past few months.

I think this pregnancy, I'm going to get huge. I've heard that you gain more with boys than with girls, but I've gained over 5lbs more at this stage than with either of the girls! To be honest, I don't really care about my weight while I'm pregnant, I don't count calories or watch what I eat, I just want to be healthy and enjoy as much as I can. I was looking back at my pregnancies and sidewise, I'm about the same although I feel much larger than before.

This pregnancy is also a lot harder on my body than my previous ones. My sciatic nerve is driving me nuts and I have constant back pain from when I wake up till I go to bed. It's awful! I'm drinking more water, taking Tylenol when I really need to, stretching, but nothing seems to be helping. I've also been getting headaches often and haven't been sleeping well between my back and head aches. It's been pretty tough.

 photo AAB47E4E-ECED-4A1E-B4F6-42D8D1431BB5_zpsy0ukkwzr.jpg photo 80620667-A31B-4189-B6AD-522A0A251BEF_zpsnfxi7v8o.jpg

Now that the negative nellies are out of the way, I want to share some great news! I had my second trimester anatomy scan and all is well with baby boy! The nurse and my doctor both think he'll be long/tall (the girls are both 98% in height). During the scan, he kept licking his fingers and playing with his lips. I think he'll have mine and Ellie's lips- you can totally see them in the ultrasounds!

I've felt small movements here and there starting a few weeks ago, but this past week I've been feeling him more and more and Matt even felt him this past week! Feeling them move is one of my favorite parts of pregnancy! I can't wait to feel him move and see him change positions and turn. Right now he's transverse, but I'm sure he'll flip. It doesn't really matter since I'll be having a c-section, but I hope he flips just so I feel more comfortable as he grows.

We're really excited for his arrival! I'm stuck about his nursery and haven't found anything yet in terms of decorations, any ideas please send them my way! Ellie is ecstatic to have a little brother and talks about him all the time. Every night before bed, she talks to him, sings him a song, and give my belly a kiss. It's the sweetest thing I've ever seen!

Now for the fun part! I'm partnering with Pink Blush for a $75 giveaway! They have so many cute spring and summer items right now- lots of dresses and cute tops! To be eligible, you must reside in the US, have not won a Pink Blush giveaway in the last 6 months, and there's 3 easy ways to enter! The giveaway runs from 5/9 - 5/12 and a winner announced next week! Best of luck and thank you for stopping by!

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